Variation of Laertes

Laert Origin and Meaning

The name Laert is a boy's name.
An abbreviated, more modern-sounding version of Shakespearean and Ancient Greek name Laertes. If the "ae" is too confusing for you, Leart is another option.

Famous People Named Laert

  • Laert VasiliAlbanian,Greek film and stage actor and director
  • Laert NdoniAlbanian footballer
  • Laerte CoutinhoBrazilian female cartoonist

Laert in Pop Culture

  • In popular culture Laertes was one of the first ever character's in a play to be driven by family pride and honour. A famous quote of his from Shakespeare's Hamlet is: 'He is justly serv'd. It is a poison temper'd by himself'. Act 62.

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