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Gender: M Origin of Kalel: Spelling variation of Khalil Kalel's Popularity in 2016: #877

Kalel first entered the US Top 1000 as a one-off appearance in 2009. It reentered in 2013, where it's stayed ever since. It's possible that some parents see it as a spelling variant of the classic Arabic name Khalil, meaning friend. Or maybe some—Nicolas Cage, we're looking at you—were inspired by the birth name of Clark Kent, AKA Superman, Kal-El. Cage was long associated with attempts to remake a big screen story about the Man of Steel. He and wife Alice Kim gave the name to their son in 2005.

According to an episode of Smallville, Kal-El means "star child."

Famous People Named Kalel

Kalel, Youtuber

Pop Culture References for the name Kalel

Kal-El, birth name of Superman