"right hand"

Jamin Origin and Meaning

The name Jamin is a boy's name meaning "right hand".
Jamin is unsurprisingly related to Benjamin, although it did not develop as a diminutive of the name. In the Old Testament, Jamin is a son of Simeon and a grandson of Jacob.

Jamin is occasionally used by Hispanic parents as a nickname for Benjamin. Jamin briefly ranked independently in the US Top 1000 from 1976-1984.

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Famous People Named Jamin

  • Jaminson of Ram, grandson of Jerahmeel, of the tribe of Judah (1 Chr. 2:27)
  • Jaminson of Simeon, grandson of Jacob, great,grandson of Isaac (Num. 26:12)
  • Jaminteacher (Nehemiah 8:7)
  • Jamin James Pastore (b.2017)son of Natalie Pasquarella and Jamin Pastore

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