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Gender: M Pronunciation: HUGH-on Origin of Huon: Tree name

A name gaining recognition in Australia, based on the huon pine tree which grows in Tasmania. Boatbuilders especially love this rare wood, which floats well, is resistant to rot, and has a strong pine-y scent.

Famous People Named Huon

Jean-Michel Huon de Kermadec (18th-Century French navigator after whom the Huon River, Huon Pine, Huonville and Huon Peninsula were named)
Huon Hooke (Australian wine writer)
Gabriel Louis Marie Huon de Kerilleau ( arrived in Australia in 1794 as a member of the NSW Corps. Taught John Macarthur's children at Elizabeth Farm, Parramatta. His descendants settled the Upper Murray.)

Pop Culture References for the name Huon

Huon Particles, Doctor Who
Huon, character in Legend of Korra
Huon de Bordeaux
King-Emperor Huon, character in The History of the Runestaff
Huan, Wolfhound of Oromë, The Silmarillion