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Gender: M Meaning of Harper: "harp player" Origin of Harper: English Harper's Popularity in 2016: #793

Harper got its start as a celebrity baby name when Paul Simon chose it for his now-grown son.

Harper as a girls’ name has been growing in popularity over recent years, but when it was chosen for their first daughter's name by superstars Victoria and David Beckham, it really hit the big time. Certainly To Kill A Mockingbird author Harper Lee had a hand in this as well. It is now more commonly given to girls than boys. In the US in 2016, the girls name hit Number 10, whereas the boys name is at 793. In England and Wales the figure was at 63 for girls and 621 for boys.

Famous People Named Harper

Harper Simon, American singer, son of Paul Simon
Harper Carter, American entrepreneur
Harper Williams, American basketball player
Harper Goff, American artist, musician, and actor
Harper LeBel, American football player
Alexander Harper "Xander" Berkeley, American actor
Harper Finn (b. 1998), son of musician Tim Finn of band Crowded House
Harper Daniel Peck (b. 1999), son of actress Cecilia Peck; grandson of actor Gregory Peck
Harper Edward Weyman (b. 2008), son of American actress Laura Allen
Harper Lowery (b. 2010), son of musician Clint Lowery of Sevendust and Seether

Pop Culture References for the name Harper

Harper, Paul Newman's character in "The Drowning Pool"
Harper Sutton, the best friend of Princess Cecilia in "Palace of Mirrors" by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Charlie and Alan Harper, characters in "Two and a Half Men"
Roy Harper aka Speedy, Red Arrow and Arsenal, character in DC Comics
King Titus Harper, former rp character in realplay DnD podcast Drunks and Dragons. Played by Tim Lanning