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Gender: M Meaning of Galen: "calm, healer" Origin of Galen: Greek

The name of the second-century physician who formed the basis of early medicine still projects a scholarly, if somewhat feminine, image.

Famous People Named Galen

Galen (born Aelius Galenus), Roman philosopher
Galen Laius Gering, American actor
Galen Rupp, American Olympic distance runner
Galen Avery Rowell, American landscape photographer
Galen Samuel Hall, American college football coach

Pop Culture References for the name Galen

Galen, character in Jessica Day George's "Princess of the Midnight Ball"
Galen, character in "The Search for Delicious" by Natalie Babbitt
Galen Tyrol, character on TV's "Battlestar Galactica"
Galen Vaughan, minor character in The Vampire Diaries series
Galen Marek (Starkiller), character in the Star Wars video game and novel "The Force Unleashed"
Galen, technomage on TV's "Babylon 5"
Galen DeMarco, character in Judge Dredd comics
Galen Doc Adams, character on TV's "Gunsmoke"
Galen, the assistant of Dr. Zaius in the Planet of the Apes series
Galen, character on TV's "Roar"
Galen, character in Of Poseidon (book)
Professor Richard Galen, Captain Jean-Luc Picard's archaeology professor in Star Trek: The Next Generation
Galen Erso, character in "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"

Jalen, Galin, Galon, Jalon, Gaylin, Galan, Gaelan, Jaylon, Gaylinn, Gaylon, Jaylen, Gaylen, Gale, Jalin, Galand, Gaillen, Gaelen

Galen's International Variations

Gallieno, Galieno, Galeno (Spanish) Galyn (Gaelic) Galenus (Greek)