Gender: Female Meaning of Emmett: "truth; universal" Origin of Emmett: English; Hebrew

Emmett Origin and Meaning

The name Emmett is a girl's name meaning "truth; universal".

Emmett has had an interesting and unusual gender history. A long-obscure masculinization of Emma, Emmett is now rising as a boys' name as a companion to the very popular Emma and Emily. And at the same time, Emmett itself is seen by a handful of parents as a new spin for girls on those uber-popular choices. While the Emmet spelling might still seem most masculine, the extra T in Emmett does make it seem girl-appropriate. Emmette is an even more feminine spelling. But don't be too alarmed: There were over 3000 boys named Emmett in one recent year compared to only 13 girls.

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Kew Says:


I know chibiyui posted their comment 3 years ago, but to anybody viewing this who likes the name Emmett for a girl, you are not being "stupid". It was a girls' name long before the surname derived from it started being used for boys. Nameberry needs to get their facts straight.

impwood Says:


Er, Emmet is a surname spelling of Emmot, an old diminutive of Emma. A girls' name. It's not a masculinisation.

Blizee Says:


We named our little girl Emmett Marie. It was not on our list of girl names and neither myself nor her dad knew any Emmetts. But when she was born, none of the names we picked suited her, and my husband suggested the name, and it just stuck. It totally suited her, we have no regrets, and she is the sweetest Em, Emmy, Emmett, Emmett Marie that you would ever meet <3

georgiaO Says:


I so agree

georgiaO Says:


As a girl's name? Weird. I prefer Emme or Emma for girls. other than that, Emmett is great for a boy.

chibiyui Says:


This is not a girls name. Stop being stupid people.

alexandra mae Says:


Well, Sandra is a form of Alexander so that's already a feminization, much like Lucy. Sandy and Sasha have long been used for both boy and girl children as nicknames. Lucius on a girl wouldn't be mind blowing. I wouldn't hesitate to call a boy named Lucius "Lucy," either. I've called Abbotts "Abby," Becketts "Becky," Jacks "Jackie," Alexanders "Sasha," Nicholas "Nicky," Ames "Amy," etc. etc. etc. Likewise, I'm a female Alix. Never had an issue with my "boy" name. If you can give me an actual reason why names aren't neutral, aside from your own personal taste, then go for it. If it's just "but what about the BOYS," trust me, I could not care any less. (And your argument doesn't hold up unless you think women are inferior because if you want to go that route, I'll ask you why you think being compared to or being on the same level as a girl/woman is so offensive and hurtful to boys precious feelings.)

And we use Aubrey for boys, which is similar to Audrey. We also use Kit for boys, which is a nickname for Catherine. Catherine contains Ren and Erin, both names used for boys so it's not much of a stretch. It's much better than it's Greek male counterpart if you're going for meaning so if I ever had the choice, I'd definitely choose it over the alternative. Catherine just isn't my cup of tea for any sex, though. Give me a name I love and I could probably see it go both ways. But, I'll have a preference for one or the other. Just like you, I'm sure.

clairels Says:


I can't explain why, but Emmett sounds like such a hillbilly name to me.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I also prefer Bennett to Emmett.

indiefendi2 Says:


It's not the most egregious boy to girl switch but I just don't care for it to be honest. It's kinda flat to me. It's like someone wants to put Emma and Scarlett together. I prefer Bennett on a boy than Emmett anyway.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Sadly, if Elliott and Emerson are now "acceptable" (no, I don't approve myself) for girls, I can see why people would start using Emmett. There are so many other lovely names out there, though, surely you can do better!

MaryKathryn Says:


I don't agree with names being given a specific gender, therefore if you want to name your daughter Emmett then go ahead! I can definitely see the appeal!

otheralix Says:


This is definitely one I like on a DAB girl, though I feel like it'd be considered just an alternative to Emma and Emily rather than simply liking the name Emmett on a girl. I had a dream that I named my dream daughter Everett after my grandmother, Retsy. I prefer Emmett to Everett so both are on my Could-Be list.

But, I also love Jasper on a wee girl, as well. I'm a huge fan of considering all names neutral ground.

DearestJules Says:


Well it does start like Emma or Emily and ends the same as Scarlett.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I'm going to cringe if I ever meet a girl with his name.

Guest Says:


Not sure how I feel about this...I kinda like it but I'm kinda like "ehh...."