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Gender: M Meaning of Echo: "echo" Origin of Echo: Greek

Although this is traditionally seen as a female name, via the classical mythological nymph who pined away for Narcissus until all that remalined of her was a disembodied voice--it can also be used for boys. Remember that old song, 'Little sir echo, how do you do?'

Famous People Named Echo

Echo Kellum, American actor and comedian

Pop Culture References for the name Echo

Lincoln Six Echo/Tom Lincoln, main character from movie "The Island"
Echo, character on animated series"Star Wars: The Clone Wars"
Eko, character on TV's "Lost"
Echo Skylander, character in video game "Skylanders Trap Team"
Echo & the Bunnymen, British rock band
"Echo Beach," song by Martha and the Muffins in 1979, meaning far away in time
Echo Park, neighborhood in Central Los Angeles, Ca., USA
Lazarus Echo Reznor (b. 2011), son of singer Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails