Gender: Female Origin of Devon: English place-name

Devon Origin and Meaning

The name Devon is a girl's name of English origin.

This spelling of Devon, as opposed to Devin or Devan, makes it a pretty and popular British place-name, evoking the beautiful county of farmlands and dramatic seascapes and moors in southwest England. A stylish ambi-gender name particularly well used in the early nineties, Devon remains an attractive option--though be aware that at this point in time, it is used more frequently for boys.

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Devona, Devan, Devvon, Devonne, Deaven, Devin, Davon, Devinne, Devann, Deven, Devyn, Devaughn


aleerakate Says:


Fritz, poloney, bung, etc. Depends on what state you're in as to what it's called but even though in my state it's fritz, I still think of Devon as a lunch meat.

Cocktail frankfurts are Cheerios, Little Boys, Mini Savs in some states too. Australia is weird and apparently we can't agree on anything.

paulapuddephatt Says:


It's much nicer than Devin, for either gender. I like it as a girls' name. 😃

paulapuddephatt Says:


I love Devon for boys, but am also starting to like it for girls. I think it can work well for either gender, and Dev is super cute.

Catgirlmri Says:


Maybe twenty years ago, Devon wouldn't have been great. But I'm eleven, and by the time I grow up, Devon will seem like a perfectly normal name for a girl, without seeming boyish.

LaurenDH Says:


This is my middle name, which was passed down to me through the women on my mother's side. Though we pronounce it "dev-AHN" rather than like Devin. I've always liked having a slightly boyish name.

beachbear Says:


I am a huge proponent of unisex names on principle. I like Ashley, Madison, and Shannon for boys; I like Adair, Tristan, and Lyndon for girls; I like Leo, Lake, Shea, and Lachlan for both.

However, I do not like the spelling "Devon" for girls. "Devin" is fine, but I pronounce "Devon" like de-VON in my head, and that isn't something I would choose for a female.

Maevele Says:


My name is Devon. I really like my name as it's something a bit different but it also isn't too girly (I am a country girl/tomboy), so that works for me.

TulliaCicero Says:


I have a cousin named Devin (male) who's close to 50, so he was an anomaly back in the late '60s. For me Devin is male & Devon/Devyn is female. The name doesn't work w/my last name, so I didn't ever have it on my list of potentials, but I do think it's an attractive name for either sex.

rdaniel Says:


Sounds too much like 'devil' to me!

Devon Says:


Personally I hate it as a boy's name, just sounds like a copy of Kevin.

Devon Says:


My name is Devon. I used to dislike my name, but I've really grown into it. It was hard growing up with a bunch of Britneys, Ashleys, and Sarahs because I always felt like I had a weird boy's name. It's actually edgy and pretty, but not too feminine. I think it's a "cool girl" name in a way, like something you need to be able to pull off.

The biggest issue for me is having to constantly correct people who pronounce it "Dev-awn" and also spelling it "Devin" ugh. I'll likely be dealing with that until the day I die. *eye roll*

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Huh, never heard of it, and I do live in Australia. There is a girl at my High School with this name though and she seems to like it.

Elena_Allyn Says:


My sister's name is Devon and I find it absolutely beautiful! There was also a Devin in the grade ahead of me.

SparkleNinja18 Says:


I grew up with two girls named Devyn in my grade before I moved in fifth. When my sister told me there was a boy in her grade named Devon, I was shocked because it had always seemed like a girls' name to me.

Guest Says:


I was in 9th grade with an absolutely gorgeous girl named Devon but I heard that she disliked having a boy's name. It didn't seem to hurt her though because she had the "boys love her and girls wanted to be her" thing going on.

sophiesilly Says:


With everyone hating this name for girls, I just have to say that I like it. It's not too feminine, so little tomboys will like the name, and it goes with every age group. I've met a girl named Devon before, and she really seems to fit her name. It's especially good if you want to use a name that isn't classic, but isn't exactly unusual.

raevynstar Says:


I don't think this is that great a boys' name, and for girls it's TERRIBLE!

SunKissedChild Says:


I agree!

grackym Says:


Devon is the name of a lunch meat in Australia, this name sounds anything but pretty to me.