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Gender: M Meaning of Courtney: "short nose" Origin of Courtney: French

Since this courtly old southern name has been used mostly for girls for decades, it's now out-of-bounds for boys.

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Famous People Named Courtney

Courtney Bernard Vance, American actor
Courtney Roby, American football player
Courtney Upshaw, American football player
Courtney Green, American football player
Courtney Lee, American basketball player
Courtney Fortson, American basketball player
Courtney Gains, American actor
Courtney Harris, American rapper
Courtney Smith, American rapper
Courtney Avery, American football player
Courtney Campbell, American vet who appears on "The Doctors"
Courtney Taylor-Taylor, American singer-songwriter, lead singer and guitarist of alternative rock band The Dandy Warhols

Pop Culture References for the name Courtney

Courtney, male character in the movie "Your Highness" (2011)
"Joseph Courtney," song by the band Fencer
Courtney Rose, male lead character in the ABC sitcom "The Mayor"

Courtnay, Courtland, Cortland, Courtenay