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Gender: M

A bouncy midcentury TV nickname name.

Famous People Named Corky

Corin "Corky" Nemec (born Joseph Charles Nemec IV), American actor
Laurence Gordon "Corky" Laing, Canadian drummer of band Mountain
Corky Abraham Phillip Miller, American baseball player
Mark Alexander "Corky" Ballas Sr., American dancer; father of dancer Mark Ballas
Mark Paul "Corky" Siegel, American blues musician
Corky James, America session guitarist

Pop Culture References for the name Corky

"Corky Romano," 2001 film and its main character
Corky Curtiss, character in 1972 film "Corky"
Corky Thatcher, character on TV's Life Goes On
Corky St. Clair, character in film Waiting for Guffman
James "Corky" Corcoran, character in the Ukridge stories of P. G. Wodehouse
Corky Wallet, character in comic strip Gasoline Alley
Corky Caporale, Corky Ianucci, and Corky DiGioia, characters on TV's The Sopranos
"The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky," Australian animated series
Corky the Hornet, mascot of the Emporia State University sports teams