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Gender: M Meaning of Brennan: "descendent of the sad one" Origin of Brennan: Irish Brennan's Popularity in 2016: #534

Brennan is a winning Irish surname name, more modern than Brian or Brendan, more unusual than Conor and Aidan. The only possible problem with Brennan: people might think you're saying Brendan.

Brennan eased onto the very bottom of the popularity list in 1966, and has pretty much remained in the Top 1000 ever since, now at Number 534.

Famous People Named Brennan

Brennan Carroll, American football coach; son of coach Pete Carroll
Brennan Elliott, Canadian actor
Brennan Marcel Williams, American pro wrestler and NFL player
Brennan Philip Boesch, American baseball player
Brennan Evans, Canadian ice hockey player
Brennan Poole, American NASCAR driver
Brennan Newberry, American NASCAR driver
Brennan Kerwin (b. 1995), son of Brian Kerwin & Jeanne Marie Troy
Brennan Rhys Robinson (b. 2001), son of singer Scott Robinson of boy band 5ive
John Owen Brennan, CIA director
William Brennan Jr., United States Supreme Court Justice
Shane Brennan, American TV producer

Pop Culture References for the name Brennan

Brennan Huff, character on the film "Step Brothers" played by Will Ferrell
Ray Brennan, character on TV's "Las Vegas"
"Brennan of the Moor," 1913 film about the title character, a Robin Hood-type hero

Brenan, Brennen, Brennin, Brennon, Brenyn