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Gender: M Meaning of Alex: "defending men" Origin of Alex: Diminutive of Alexander, Alexis Alex's Popularity in 2016: #147

The independent Alex has become a classic in its own right. One of the truest unisex names, Alex is used almost equally for both sexes without sacrificing any of its masculinity.

Famous People Named Alex

Alex O'Loughlin, Australian actor
Alexander "Alex" Rodriguez, American baseball player
Alexander "Alex" Smith, American football player
Alex Day, musician, vlogger, and entertainer
Alex Pettyfer, English actor.
Alex Turner, vocalist of Arctic Monkeys
Alex Honnold, free soloist in rock climbing
Alexander "Alex" Gaskarth, lead singer and guitarist of American pop-punk band All Time Low
Alex Lee, aka Alex from Target, popular internet meme
Alexander Vail "Alex" Eckstein, American child actor (identical triplet brother of Ben & Caleb)
Alex Brightman, American theatre actor
Alex Shibutani, American ice dancer
Alex Kinsley, American singer of duo "Alex & Sierra"
Alex Terranova, American YouTuber of duo "Sierra and Alex"
Alex Johnson, American musician of rock band "The Cab"
Alex Lange, American YouTuber
Alex Smith, British YouTuber, member of HATfilms
Alex Carter, Canadian actor

Pop Culture References for the name Alex

Alex Karev, medical staff from "Greys Anatomy"
Alex Rider, teen spy from the "Alex Rider" adventure book series and movie "Storm Breaker"
Alex, protagonist in 'A Clockwork Orange"
Alex Sheathes, character from "Delirium" trilogy
Alex Krychek, character from TV series "The X Files"
Alex Stewart, character from movie "Love, Rosie" played by Sam Claflin
Alex Louis Armstrong, character in manga/anime, 'Fullmetal Alchemist'
Alex Stowe, character in the book series, The Unwanteds
Alex Santiago, character on TV's "Pretty Little Liars"
Alex Leoni, character on TV's "Alex & Co."
Alex aka "Razor", a character from "The 5th Wave" book series by Rick Yancey
Alistair "Alex" Turner, "London Spy"
Alex Rover, fictional male character from "Nim's Island"
Alex Fierro, gender-fluid character in Rick Riordan's Magnus Chase series
Alex Noa, the protagonist of the game Lunar: The Silver Star
Alex Miller, character of the movie "Don't Breathe"
Alex Wilder, character in Marvel's Runaway comics
"Alex & Sierra", American pop duo

Lex, Alleks, Allix, Alix, Allex, Aleks, Alik

Alex's International Variations

Olek (Polish) Alek (Russian)