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Gender: M Origin of Albany: Place-name

A capital place-name possibility.

Famous People Named Albany

Pop Culture References for the name Albany

Albany is the capital city of New York.
Albany Porcello, narrator and protagonist of 1934's Children of the Poor and 1936's The Hunted, John A. Lee's tales of stunted childhood in 1890s Dunedin ('published anonymously, it caused a scandal: the author was an MP, and a Labour one at that')
The Duke of Albany was the Scottish title of the future King James II of England.
ORIGIN: May be an extension of St Alban's name, or an allusion to Scotland (deriving ultimately from Celtic alp = 'rock, mountain'). The surname Albany means 'servant or retainer of the dukes of Albany (a dukedom of the royal house of Stuart)' (from a Gaelic name for Scotland).