Best Baby Carriers, Strollers, and Car Seats

Any new parent will tell you that getting out of the house is crucial for preserving your sanity in the early months! But with baby in tow, it’s no longer as easy as just grabbing the essentials and go-ing. Luckily, our members weighed in with a host of recommendations for car seats, strollers, baby carriers and more to make getting out of the house as stress-free as possible.

  • Baby Slings

    WildBird slings are made from 100% high-quality linen, and come in a vast array of bold and beautiful designs. The company ethos is all about combining functionality with fashion:

    “WildBird allows you to enhance your style while wearing your baby, not compromise it.” Amen to that.

    You can buy them on the WildBird website for a range of prices, anywhere from around $65 to around $120.

  • Baby Carriers

    Berries weighed in with lots of recommendations for baby carriers that are strong, secure and supportive, perfect for traveling and days out as well as hands-free baby-carrying around the house. All of the baby carriers below allow for multiple carry positions and are suitable for use from birth, though you will need an additional infant insert (sold separately) for several.

    The Berries’ Favorite carriers:

    Tula Free-to-Grow

    About the Tula Free-to-Grow, one Berry said that, “Baby Tula carriers are so soft. They now have a ‘Free to Grow’ Tula which you can put baby in from birth. Babywearing is a sanity saver.”

    You can get the Tula carrier on Amazon for around $160.Button buy now

    Caboo Organic Baby Carriers

    Caboo is a favorite brand of baby carriers for parents in the UK and Australia, though they can be difficult to find in the US.

    According to one Berry, the Caboo “Works from newborn; lets you carry in ten different positions”

    Available in the US from for $105.

    Beco Soleil Baby Carrier

    The Beco Soleil comes in urban black and is both soft and structured, allowing you to carry baby in a range of positions. One Berry says this carrier is “very sturdy and lasts for years”

    You can purchase the Beco Soleil on Amazon for around $140.Button buy now

    Ergobaby Ergonomic Carriers

    Two carriers in the ergonomically-correct Ergobaby line are favorites of the Berries, the 360 and the Performance.

    About the Ergo 360, one Berry testified that, “The closeness and motion soothes baby to sleep, you can go on walks with gasp stiles and grass and other things that a pram can’t cope with, public transport is a doddle, you can roll it up and stuff it in your bag when not using… I could go on and on.”

    You can get it on Amazon for around $150.Button buy now

    Of the Ergo Performance, one Berry said, “We used our Ergo Performance every day from 5-17 months and still use it occasionally as LO approaches her second birthday.”

    Get this on Amazon for around $95.Button buy now

  • Baby Wrap and Carrier

    An ingenious blend of wrap, sling and baby carrier, the Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier is made of 100% breathable cotton and is fully machine washable. It slips on like a T-shirt with no wrapping or fiddly fastenings required, and comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit the wearer perfectly.

    Said one Berry, “I LOVED the Baby K’tan for when my baby was little. Sometimes that was the only way to get him to sleep.”

    You can get it on Amazon for around $50.Button buy now

  • Simple Baby Wrap

    Soft, stretchy and strap-free, the Boba Wrap is as simple as it comes: just tie it up for the perfect fit every time. Suitable from birth, it provides hands-free support up to 35lbs. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, it’s also fully machine washable.

    You can buy it on Amazon for around $40.Button buy now

  • Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

    The Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock clips on safely and simply to most shopping carts and can also be used as a base for an infant car seat. When not in use, it rolls up to fit neatly in a purse or diaper bag.

    “Ingenious product that lets your baby lie across the top of your shopping cart,” according to one Berry.

    You can get it on Amazon for around $56.Button buy now

  • All-Terrain Stroller

    The BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX is a sturdy, compact, fully-adjustable stroller which is suitable for use on all terrains. It features a state-of-the-art suspension system, air-filled tires, a fully adjustable handlebar, and a front wheel which can be locked for jogging — if you’ve got the energy for it!

    “My friend’s hands-down favorite baby product,” said one Berry.

    You can get it on Amazon through Amazon Prime for around $360.Button buy now

  • Jogging Stroller

    The J is for Jeep Cross-Country Sport Plus Jogger is lightweight, durable and comfortable, with a large storage basket beneath. It’s suitable for use on tough terrains and, thanks to clever reflec-tive strips, even at night.

    One Berry said, “Skip all the bells and whistles on the other strollers. A jogger is the way to go. My oldest is 10… still going strong.”

    Purchase it on Amazon for around $200.Button buy now

  • Convertible Car Seat

    The smart Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat is an ideal solution for those who want to avoid a double-splurge on one of the most expensive baby items. It doubles as a rear-facing infant seat and a forward-facing toddler seat — suitable from birth up to 65lb! It also has a ton of well thought-out features to make life easier for frazzled parents, including a harness which can be ad-justed and fastened with one hand and a holder to keep your child’s drink within reach.

    One Berry said, “I got a cheap car seat at my baby shower and I’ve hated it ever since. My baby hated the car seat and it didn’t help that it was so uncomfortable and had no cushion.”

    Purchase it on Amazon for around $125.Button buy now

  • Backseat Climate Control

    A neat little device: The Noggle lets you funnel heating or air-con to the back seats of your car. It installs in under 30 seconds with adapters for different types of vent, can be attached anywhere in the car, and is available with a variety of fun cover designs.

    “Perfect for us since my daughter is in a rear-facing car seat… I highly recommend this product, especially if your car does not have back seat AC.” Said one Berry.

    You can buy it on Amazon for around $50. Button buy now

  • What Else Do You Need?

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