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  • Langston

    The great African-American Harlem Renaissance writer Langston Hughes put this one on the map; actor Laurence Fishburne adopted it for his now grown son, born in 1987. Despite these popular... Read More 

  • Abdullah

    Another Islamic favorite, the father of the Prophet Muhammad.Read More 

  • Jedidiah

    Jedidiah, an Old Testament name with a touch of Gunsmoke-era western panache, is right in line to be revived along with the other biblical -iah names.

    Jedidiah was the name... Read More 

  • Thaddeus

    Thaddeus, a distinguished, long-neglected name, has several areas of appeal: a solid New Testament legacy, a nice antique feel, and the choice of several more modern nicknames and international... Read More 

  • Shepherd

    Shepherd is an occupational surname with a pleasant pastoral feel. It was chosen for their son by the Jerry Seinfelds, which might inspire others to follow their lead.

    There are other... Read More 

  • Kristian

    Variation of Christian.Read More 

  • Vincenzo

    This is a classic Italian name for boys, but despite the success of Luca and Matteo, has yet to catch on in the US.Read More 

  • Terrance

    Variation of Terence.Read More 

  • Thatcher

    Thatcher is an open and friendly freckle-faced surname, fresher sounding than Tyler or Taylor, that dates back to the days of thatched-roof cottages. It is catching on with modern parents—it... Read More 

  • Reginald

    Now seen as the chap in the smoking jacket in a 1930s drawing-room comedy, Reginald has actually been on the US popularity list every year since 1880.

    A name that was quite common... Read More