Names that Peaked in 2003

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Top Names that Peaked in 2003

  • Brynn

    Brynn outshines the original Welsh Bryn in the popularity stakes. This simple, brisk name might be seen as a combination of Bree and Lynn, an androgynous-sounding choice that especially in this... Read More 

  • Amari

    Related to names and words in a range of languages—Yoruba, Thai, and Hebrew (where it's used primarily for boys)—and with a variety of positive meanings.

    A male name, still more common... Read More 

  • Gabriela

    This strong yet graceful feminine form of Gabriel is a modern favorite. The double L spelling is given to more than three times as many girls as the Gabriela version. Read More 

  • Donovan

    One of the first of the appealing Irish surnames to take off in this country, this boys’ name has long outgrown its "Mellow Yellow" association,... Read More 

  • Maci

    Maci, the name of one of television's Teen Moms, was the fastest rising girls’ names in the U.S. back in 2010. This modern spin on Staci and Traci... Read More 

  • Gage

    Gage was part of the craze for one-syllable surnames, with associations to tasty green gage plums and the mathematical gauge.

    Gage was first noticed as a character in Stephen King's... Read More 

  • Meadow

    How perfect was it that Tony Soprano's daughter's name was Meadow, suggesting that the TV mobster was once a kinder, gentler young dad. Read More 

  • Moshe

    An older generation name still used by Conservative Jews. In the past it was translated to names like Morris, Moe and Maurice.Read More 

  • Macy

    Singer Macy Gray has popularized this cute and upbeat choice—once solely associated with the department store—a modern replacement for Stacy and Tracy. Read More 

  • Brock

    Brock is a rock solid name, with a touch of preppy sophistication. It ranked solidly in the 200s-300s from 1975 until 2014, but has since tumbled a bit.

    Among Brocks who lived up to... Read More