Names that Peaked in 2002

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Top Names that Peaked in 2002

  • Alexia

    This diminutive, similar to Alex or Alexis, has been yo-yoing in popularity since the turn of the 21st century.Read More 

  • Mauricio

    Variation of Maurice.Read More 

  • Karla

    Both Karla and Carla are sliding down the ranks, though Karla remains far more popular in the USA than Carla.Read More 

  • Chaya

    A life-affirming choice—just beware pronunciation issues among the goyim in your neighborhood.Read More 

  • Abdullah

    Another Islamic favorite, the father of the Prophet Muhammad.Read More 

  • Jagger

    Jagger is a swaggering Rolling Stone of a name that's been picked up by a number of fellow celebs, including Lindsay Davenport and Brett Scallions--while Soleil Moon Frye pulled a gender switch... Read More 

  • Hana

    Many things to many peoples: a flower name, also spelled Hanae, to the Japanese; a Czech and Polish short form of Johana; and an alternate form of the biblical name Hannah in the US.Read More 

  • Alonso

    Alonso is the Spanish and Portuguese diminutive version of Alfonso, itself deriving from an old Germanic name “Adalfuns” meaning "noble and ready." Although the Italian spelling Alonzo is more... Read More 

  • Belen

    Actually the Spanish name for Bethlehem, which means "house of bread," this name is high on Spain's popularity list and is rising in the US as well. Though this is one of the Read More 

  • Aldo

    A spirited German name very popular in Italy and occasionally used here, Aldo is one of the unique baby names with international... Read More