Names that Peaked in 2010

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Top Names that Peaked in 2010

  • Nehemiah

    Nehemiah is an Old Testament name used by the Puritans, whose white-bearded image kept it out of favor for centuries, until it suddenly reappeared in 1998, along with the more user-friendly Josiah... Read More 

  • Drake

    A simple one-syllable name that has been on the popularity list since the mid-1980s, Drake is most associated today with the single-named rapper (born Aubrey). The name peaked at Number 197 in... Read More 

  • Danna

    This Dana-Donna variation has started to carve out its own place on popularity lists; an interesting alternative to Daniella as a namesake for a relative named Daniel. Read More 

  • Jamari

    Sleek and modern. Read More 

  • Ashlynn

    This phonetic spelling along with Ashlyn has found some popular as baby names in the U.S. as replacements for the now-fading Ashley.Read More 

  • Jayda

    A Jada alternative that has lost ground this decade after peaking around 2010.Read More 

  • Cullen

    Cullen is an appealing Irish surname name that upped its cool factor considerably when it became the Twilight family name of Edward et al. It's considerably less popular than it was at its peak in... Read More 

  • Siena

    Siena is a soft and delicate Tuscan town name given a big fashion boost by lovely young actress/gossip column staple Sienna Miller. A real up-and-comer. Read More 

  • Melany

    A creative spelling variation of the Top 100 name Melanie.Read More 

  • Addyson

    Variation of the very trendy Addison, perhaps lending itself more obviously to the nickname Addy.Read More