Names that mean 'Prince'

Name meanings related to royalty of any kind are in style right now. This includes names that mean prince as well as names that mean princess, king, queen, or anything royal.

  • Adelio

    Appealing, upbeat Spanish name. Read More 

  • Adhit

    A strong Indonesian name that's easy to translate to the English-speaking world.Read More 

  • Armel

    The name of a sixth century Welsh saint who founded abbeys in Brittany, reconstituted for a modern girl.Read More 

  • Armel

    This Welsh name, also used in France, is the name of a 6th century saint who went to Brittany and established abbeys. Armel has a pleasant and familiar sound, making it easily used outside of... Read More 

  • Brendan

    According to Irish legend, Saint Brendan the Voyager was the first European to touch American soil, and his name has been established here for decades, peaking in the late 1990s. It first appeared... Read More 

  • Brioc

    A Welsh saint who is the namesake of the village of St Breock in Cornwall, and is also venerated in Brittany. The name is a diminutive of Briafael (“mighty prince”). Variants include: Breock,... Read More 

  • Emira

    Emira is one of those pan-exotic names that feels pleasant enough but seems so unrooted to any one culture that it might as well be made up.Read More 

  • Mael

    The name of a fifth century Breton saint.Read More 

  • Maelle

    This feminine form of Mael has the distinctive "aelle" ending found in Brittany.Read More 

  • Maelys

    Another feminine form of the old saint's name Mael.Read More