Girl Names Ending in -lie

Girl names that end in -lie may seem more popular than they really are, because they sound just like girl names with similar-sounding but differently spelled endings: -ley, -lee and so on.

Girl names that end in -lie have a gentler, more vintage feel about them than some other endings.The -ie ending was more popular than -y at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th, and endings like ll i and leigh didn't come into use until the 1960s.

Ellie is the top name ending in -lie in the US for baby girls.Along with Ellie, other girl names ending in -lie in the US Top 200 include Natalie, Kylie, Charlie, and Callie.In the UK, Millie and Amelie also rank in the Top 100.

Appealing unique girl names with -lie endings include Eulalie, Nellie, and Wylie.

This is a complete collection of all the girl names on Nameberry ending in -lie.The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity.Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.
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Top Girl Names Ending in -lie

  • Ellie

    Ellie derived as a nickname for names beginning with El-, such as Eleanor, Ellen, and Elizabeth. It is increasingly being used as a standalone name, particularly in the UK. Ellie is the standard... Read More 

  • Natalie

    Natalie is the French variation of Natalia, a name originally derived from the Latin phrase natale domini, meaning “birthday of the Lord.” It was historically given to girls born around... Read More 

  • Charlie

    Charlie is one of the friendly, tomboyish male nickname names--another is Sam-- now used almost as frequently for girls: in 2015, it ranked higher on the girls list than on the boys list for the... Read More 

  • Callie

    This Hallie-esque nickname name is starting to dip, while the sleeker, more nouveau Cali is rising. Read More 

  • Rosalie

    Rosalie hit its apex in 1938 and then slid straight downhill until it fell off the U.S. Top 1000 completely in the 1980s, only to spring back to life in 2009 as the name of a character in the... Read More 

  • Millie

    Millie is fashionable again in England, Wales and Scotland. In the USA it's a winner with parents who like the offbeat, frilly, and old-fashioned. Millicent would be an appealing long form, but... Read More 

  • Rylie

    Rylie is a spelling variation of the more-popular traditional Riley. We recommend the "y" at the end rather than in the middle.Read More 

  • Allie

    Allie is one short form that's gotten so popular it's often used as a name on its own. Cute, friendly, yet we'd recommend using one of the proper names such as Alice to give your daughter an... Read More 

  • Hallie

    Hallie -- it rhymes with alley and is not to be confused with Halle or Hailey or Holly -- is one of those comfy nicknamish names that are in favor in these complicated times.

    Hallie's... Read More 

  • Leslie

    A Scottish place and surname that was once adrogynous but now leans about 20 to 1 toward the girls' side, Leslie has a pleasant, heathery feel that kept it in or near the Top 100 for several... Read More