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Saturday Night Live Inspired List

My favorite TV show, Saturday Night Live, is filled with colorful characters and comedians. I love acting, improv, comedy, and the show, so when I have a child, I'd like a name to honor some of my heroes. - Created by caroblaise

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  • Amy

    Homage to Amy Poehler. I like Amelia more.

  • Ana

    Homage to Ana Gasteyer.

  • Andrew

    Homage to Andrew "Andy" Samberg. Classic name.

  • Aidy

    Homage to Aidy Bryant. Not to be confused with Aidan.

  • Cecily

    Homage to Cecily Strong. One of my favorite names!

  • Chevy

    Homage to Chevy Chase. He was born Cornelius, with the nickname Chevy. Pronounced CHevy, not SHevy.

  • Elizabeth

    Homage to Elizabeth Stamatina "Tina" Fey. Always a classic.

  • Emily

    Homage to Miss Emily Litella, character played by Gilda Radner. Sure, the name is extremely popular, but who cares! The character is hilarious, and the name is gorgeous.

  • Fey

  • Gilda

    Homage to Gilda Radner. Hilda and Matilda are becoming more popular, so this name could stand a chance today. Nickname could be Gilly.

  • Jane

    Homage to Jane Curtin. This name is rising in popularity, so it is very usable.

  • Jimmy

    Homage to Jimmy Fallon. Born James. Like the name Fallon on a boy, but now it seems to be a more feminine unisex name.

  • Kenan

    Homage to Kenan Thompson. Can also be spelled Keenan.

  • Laraine

    Homage to Laraine Newman. Can also be spelled Lorraine, but I prefer this spelling better.

  • Lorne

    Homage to Lorne Michaels, the creator of SNL. Lorne and Loren are now falling out of popularity due to the girl's name Lauren, but I still like it. Michael could also be an option to honor him.

  • Maya

    Homage to Maya Rudolph. Can also be spelled Maia, Mya, ect.

  • Molly

    Homage to Molly Shannon. Shannon could also be a possibility.

  • Rachel

    Homage to Rachel Dratch. Yet another classic name.

  • Seth

    Homage to Seth Meyers.

  • Tina

    Homage to Tina Fey. More likely to choose Elizabeth though.

  • Taran

    Homage to Taran Killam. Taryn is a girl's name, but I kind of like Taran on a boy, even though the spelling kind of looks like Tarzan.