Favourite Boy's Names

Here is a list of my favourite boy's names. After a clean up, this list has been turned into my short list so is therefore complete, but may be altered from time to time. I have also deleted my list of combos, so from now on boys combos will be kept here. Nicknames can be found in the names' description. - Created by Adelina_Sophia

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  • Leo Xavier

  • Alexander George


  • Thomas Archie


  • Harry Lysander

  • Félix Hugo

  • Cornelius Laszlo

    "Lius" ~ Cornelius honours one of my ancestors.

  • Viggo Florian

  • Nicholas Louis

  • Edmond Adair

    "Eddie" ~ Edmond honours one of my late great-uncles, whose middle name is Edward.

  • Arthur James

    James appears twice in my family.

  • Jasper Ellis Theodore

    Ellis is a family name, and even though I usually stick to one middle name the thought of Ellis incorporated into this combo appeals to me a lot.

  • Christian Eduard

  • Atticus John


  • Joseph Balthazar

  • Peter Alexios

  • Euan Gabriel

  • Reuben Elliott

  • Sebastian Milo

  • Raphael Hugo Alois

    I used two middle names for a second time because I love Raphael Alois as a combo, though the flow isn't too great, so Hugo is there to break it up.

  • Arlo Sebastian

  • Isaac Peregrine

  • Otto Constantine

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