Favourite Girl's Names

A list of my current favourite girls names. After a clean up, this list has been turned into my short list so is therefore complete, but may be altered from time to time. I have also deleted my list of combos, so from now on girls combos will be kept here. Nicknames can be found in the names' description. - Created by Adelina_Sophia

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  • Adelina Sophia


  • Magdalena Élisabeth


  • Isla Aveline

  • Athénaïs Lenore

  • Séverine Eloise

  • Beatrice Adeline


  • Emmeline Isolde


  • Charlotte Anneliese

    "Lottie", "Lotta" ~ Charlotte is after one of my cousins.

  • Ophelia Maeve

  • Solveig Leonore

  • Freya Ivalo

  • Elysia Rose

    Rose honours my late grandmother, and one of my cousin's middle name is Rose so I'd like to continue the pattern.

  • Celestine Ildikó

  • Christiana Aoife


  • Zephyrine Amalie


  • Xia Isabeau

  • Camille Evelina

  • Anna Florestine

    Anna is after my mother, whose middle name is Ann.

  • Vesper Adélia

  • Madeleine Dorothea

  • Octavia Leontine

  • Alina Boheme

  • Lily Valentina

    Lily is after one of my late great-aunts.

  • Poppy Amelia

  • Theodora Louise


  • Georgiana May


  • Cordelia Lark


  • Mary Elizabeth

    "May" ~ Mary is after my aunt, whose middle name is a longer form.

  • Edith Matilda


  • Ingrid Cecilia

  • Helena Margot

  • Lucie Wildflower

  • Victoria Emily

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