Try This, Instead Of That

Haven't we all wanted a name that feels classic but is also is "cool" and spunky? Well, look no further...Here are some spin-offs of those names that you feel are too classic. I am not saying any of these names are bad, they are beautiful, wonderful names. I am just putting a modern twist on them (not that they can't be modern) - Created by Azelea_Stone_

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  • Ava

    How about Avada? It has a freash and pretty sound like Nevada, but feels strong like Ava

  • Ellen

    To make this name melodic and sweet, try Elise. Or simple, soft Ella. You could even decide on Ellane (Ell-ane)

  • Eve

    How about Evelyn? Or even Evangeline!

  • Katherine

    Some more nice K-names are Kira, or Katie.

  • Maya

    How about you go with the classic, May? To add a different feel to it, you could even go with Maye

  • Sarah

    To make this name seem delicate, try Serafina!