Greek Names A-Z

Grecian names in an alphabetical list. Some are my favorites, others? Not so much. Τα λέμε αργότερα! - Created by VeritySilver

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  • Amara

    'forever lovely' Very lovely. Not too common, but doesn't sound too unusual either. I think this would be a great pick for a baby girl. Ama or Mara?

  • Artemis

    'moon goddess' Could be for a girl or guy. Fairly well known via Artemis Fowl of the series by Eoin Colfer. It's one of my favorite names. Artie or Mistie could work.

  • Bronte

    'thunder' The last name of the Bronte sisters. I would only use this name if you're a big fan of their work. It is a nice name though.

  • Callie

    'beautiful' A little too common for me. It is a pretty name though. It's a good idea if you want a Greek name that isn't too unusual. Cal or Lia?

  • Cressida

    'gold' Elegant and sophisticated. Chrissy, Ida, Ria, or Resa could work.

  • Daphne

    'laurel tree' The nymph who was pursued by Apollo, asked her father to save her, and was turned into a laurel tree. Definitely not one of my favorites. It's also old fashioned and not very pretty.

  • Demeter

    'earth mother' Persephone's mother, and the goddess of grains and growing things. A pretty and unusual name. Demi, Meta, Terre, Terra, or Dee are possible nicknames.

  • Desdemona

    'ill-starred' An ill-fated character in one of Shakespeare's plays. I would not choose this name. Possible nicknames: Dezzie, Mona, or Oona

  • Dion

    'child of heaven and earth' It could be either a guy's or a girl's name. Unusual. Not really one of my favorites. Di would be the only nickname that could work.

  • Draco

    'dragon' I believe he was a figure of authority in Greek history, but most people would associate it with Draco Malfoy. It might be a risky choice because of that. However, by itself, Draco is a good name.

  • Echo

    'reverberation' The nymph who fell in love with Narcissus, and was cursed to repeated the last words anyone says. Pretty name, not so pretty story. Cho might work.

  • Eurydice

    'wide justice' Orpheus's wife who was bitten by a snake, died, and almost came back from the dead. Pretty and unusual. Yuri, Ry, or Rue could work as nicknames.

  • Evangeline

    'bearer of good news' The name of the actress Evangeline Lilly. A little angel-y for my taste. Kind of pretty. Possible nicknames: Eva, Vana, Lyne, Elle, Lina, or Evane

  • Hebe

    'youth' The Greek goddess of youth, and one of Hera's handmaidens. Bee or Edie

  • Hyacinth

    'flower name' Outdated. Reminds me of Victorian women in lace. Pretty though. Also the name of one of Apollo's loves. Hya, Cin,Thia, or Cinna might work.

  • Hypatia

    'highest, supreme' One of the first female Greek mathematicians. A very pretty name. Pat, Tia, Pia, or Hyta might work.

  • Ianthe

    'purple flower' Variation on Iantha. Pretty, and not too common. Thea or Iana would work.

  • Iris

    'rainbow' Greek goddess of the rainbow. Along with Hermes, she was the messenger of the gods. Might get confused with Isis. Not terribly common. Iri or Ris.

  • Isadora

    'gift of Isis' Pretty. Might get confused with Isabella. One of my favorites. Izzy, Isa, or Dora are possible nicknames.

  • Indigo

    'Indian dye' Unisex name. Pretty common. Ok name. Indi or Di.

  • Khione

    'snow goddess' The Greek winter goddess. Is in The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan. Pretty and unusual. Nicknames....Ione or Kia

  • Medora

    'mother's gift' An adorable meaning. Cute name. Possible nicknames: Meda and Dora

  • Melita

    'honey' Pretty. Uncommon. Lita or Mellie?

  • Neri

    'burning light, ocean sprite' Is also a Hebrew name. Very pretty. Not too common. It's one of my favorites. Ri or Ren.

  • Nerida

    'sea nymph, mermaid' Reminds me of Merida, from Brave. A name for a brave little girl. Neri, Rida, Ida, Eri, or Eni

  • Nike

    'victory' I would not choose this one. Will remind people of the shoe brand. Unfortunately.

  • Olympia

    'from Mount Olympus' The first name of the Headmistress of Beauxbatons. A very dignified and stately name. I really love it. Pia, Ollie, Mila, and Mya are possible nicknames.

  • Ophelia

    'help' Slightly morbid, because of its association with Hamlet. Pretty though. Lia or Helia

  • Orion

    'mythology name' A constellation. Also a hunter who dared compete with Artemis. It did not end well for him. This is one of my least favorite names. Ori would work.

  • Pallas

    'wisdom' Something more original than Sophia. Pallas was also the name of Athena's childhood friend. After she died, Athena took the name 'Pallas Athena' to honour her. La, Palla, and Sal are possible nicknames.

  • Panthea

    'all the gods' Similar to pantheon. Pretty and unusual. Possible nicknames are Anthea, Thea, Ana, Pan, and Anne

  • Persephone

    'bringer of destruction' Not a pretty meaning. The goddess of spring and flowers. Hades's wife and consort. Demeter's daughter. Perry, Sephie, Ione, or Siri might work.

  • Phoenix

    'dark red' The immortal bird of fire. Unisex name. Nix and Hex could work.

  • Rea

    'a flowing stream' I believe it is a variant on Rhea. Pretty and not too common.

  • Tansy

    'immortality' The name of a flower. The name of a character in the Beka Cooper series, by Tamora Pierce. Nat or San?

  • Thalassa

    'the sea' Elegant and unusual. Probably my favorite name. Tala, Sal, Thalia, and La are some possible nicknames.

  • Theia

    'goddess, godly' Pretty and unusual.

  • Theron

    'hunter' I believe it is the name of an ancient Greek philosopher. Unusual. Ron or Heron.

  • Tobias

    'god is good' A bit religious, but a good name. The real name of Four in Divergent. Tobe or Toby

  • Violante

    'purple flower' The name of a character in the Inkheart series. Possible nicknames include Violet, Vi, An, and Lani.

  • Xanthe

    'golden, yellow' Sounds like a warrior's name. Thea and Xan are possible nicknames.

  • Xenia

    'hospitable, welcoming' Might get confused with Xena. Nia and Xen.

  • Xenos

    'hospitality' Might get confused with Zeno. Xen is the only nickname that would work.

  • Zenobia

    'force of Zeus' Unusual and pretty. Zia or Nia could work.

  • Zephyr

    'west wind' Unisex name. Unusual.