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  • Rella

  • Freja/freya/freyja

    see norse god of love, war, sexuality, beauty, gold, death...

  • Evra

    evra- brave one

  • Ramona

    counsel protection. romina. roa.

  • Seren


  • Roenna

    nn Roa

  • Galena

    calm. NN lena?

  • Petra

    rock, stone

  • Miora

    blessed with unique perspective NN mio

  • Renna (ravenna)

    italian place name, or from raven. NN renna

  • Marion

    bitter. see mary.

  • Evanora

    eva- life, nora- light

  • Matilda


  • Seraphina/ Serafina

    ardent, fiery angels. NN sera, fina.

  • Ginevra

    white shadow, white wave. juniper. NN ginny, evra, evy

  • Miriam

    wished-for child. NN mira, miri, mimi.

  • Amina

    trustworthy, faithful. arabic- truthful (amin)

  • Emrys

    (welsh) immortal one

  • Isis

    throne. egyptian goddess of sky and nature.

  • Thora

    thunder goddess. possible full name theodora.

  • Gaia

    earth mother

  • Gwenore

    white shadow, white wave

  • Penelope

    weaver. NN poppy, pippa, penny, nell.

  • Gillian


  • Beatrix

    she who brings happiness. viatrix- voyager, traveller. beatus- blessed. NN bix, bea.

  • Tabitha

    aramic- gazelle.

  • Matt(h)ea

    from matthew- gift of god

  • Embeth

    variation of elisabeth

  • Apolline

    from apollo- greek sun god

  • Gavriella

    god is my strength

  • Iliana

    helen- bright shining one. ilana- oak tree.

  • Theia

    goddess of sight and shining light

  • Geraldine

    rules with a spear. NN ginny

  • Primrose

    first rose. NN prim, posy, rose

  • Prue

    prudence- caution.

  • Hannelore

    grace, god is my light. NN nora

  • Lisbet/ Lizbet

    variant of elisabeth. NN bitsy, birdy

  • Wilhelma

    resolute protection. name of great great grandmother. NN willa

  • Marina

    from the sea

  • Annicka

    form of anne

  • Ariadne

    most holy

  • Astrid

    divinely beautiful. beloved god.

  • Juniper

    tree name. NN june

  • Willa

    resolute protection

  • Anayim

    my little goat

  • Sophina/ Sofina

    wisdom. NN fina

  • Laurel

    laurel tree. possible spelling LOREN. poss NN ren

  • Laurelyn

    see laurel- laurel tree, see lyn- lake

  • Isolyn

    see isabel- pledged to god (from elizabeth), see evelyn- desired (from aveline, from avila). possible spelling YSOLIN/YSOLYN

  • Rosabel

    beautiful rose

  • Emelyn


  • Emeryn

    see emery- industrious worker

  • Briar Rose

    thorn flower

  • Rosina

    from rose- flower name.

  • Evalon

    evelyn- beautiful bird. avalon- island of apples.

  • Eleanor

    bright shining one. NN nora

  • Esther


  • Estelle

    star. NN stella

  • Gianna

    the lord is gracious. NN gia

  • Ainamireia

    aina- anna, grace. mireia- marie, admire.

  • Colleen


  • Vivienne


  • Juline

    youthful, downy.

  • Joselle

    from josie- god will add

  • Josiane

    josie- god will add, anne-grace.

  • Avonelle

    avon- river. NN nell

  • Orla

    golden princess

  • Avra

    form of abraham

  • Leisel

    from elisabeth, pledged to god

  • Ingrid

    ing's ride

  • Anouk

    from anna- grace.

  • Morena

    (from mary)

  • Ilona

    helen- bright, shining one

  • Elsa

    pledged to god.

  • Margot


  • Reina


  • Abilene

    land of meadow.s NN abe

  • Mila

    milena- love, warmth, grace. mil- gracious, dear (slavic)

  • June

    juno, queen of the heavens

  • Ruby

    deep red precious stone

  • Alma

    nuturing, soul

  • Lusa

    variant of elisabeth

  • Genoa

    italian place-name. NN noa, ginny

  • Noelise

    noel- xmas, lise- from elisabeth, pledged to god

  • Esme

    esteemed, beloved, emerald.

  • Mirah

    see mira- admirable/ mirah- ambitious

  • Imrie

    from imre- strength

  • Jade


  • Navah


  • Asha

    hope, life

  • Veda


  • Jane

    god's gracious gift

  • Wren

    english songbird

  • Hazel

    hazelnut tree

  • Plum

    fruit name.

  • Iva

    jane- god's gracious gift

  • Amery

    industrious worker

  • Astor


  • Ellory


  • Avery

    ruler of the elves

  • Grier

    alert, watchful

  • Gray

    color name.

  • Cedar


  • Arden

    eagle valley

  • Heron

    hero, heron

  • Callum


  • Corin


  • Fynn/finn


  • Abrahm/ Abram

    abraham- father of a multitude

  • Aram

    high elevated. abraham- father of a multitude. kurdish- calm. armenian- excellence.

  • Alistair/ Alastair

    defending warrior

  • Harlan

    rocky land. name of grandfather. poss spellings harlen, harlon, harlyn. poss female name.

  • Lowell

    little wolf

  • Ellis

    the lord is my god (derivative of ELIJAH)

  • Miles


  • Enzo

    estate ruler

  • Lavon

    middle name of grandmother. levonne? (f) levon- lion.

  • Ezra


  • Stellan

    possible "calm," swedish. possibly from stella, "star."

  • Axel

    father of peace

  • Milo

    from miles- a soldier. or merciful, generous

  • Felix

    happy, fortunate

  • Silas

    wood, forest

  • Elliot

    jehovah is god

  • Osias


  • Marlo(w)


  • Joah

    brother of god

  • Josiah

    god supports, heals

  • Hallam

    at the rocks

  • Asher

    fortunate, blessed, happy one

  • Oscar

    champion warrior

  • Rory

    red king

  • Donovan


  • Ronan

    little seal

  • Rowan

    little redhead

  • Isaiah

    salvation of the lord

  • Alexavier

    defender of men, bright/new house

  • Abijah

    god is my father

  • Orin

    dark haired, oren- pine tree

  • Ari

    lion of god. possible full name aristotle- superior

  • Sina

    son of mount sinai

  • Arno


  • Arlo

    barberry tree

  • Valor

    word name

  • Isben

    ben- son of my right hand

  • Oberon

    noble bear. possible alternate spelling AUBERON

  • Julien

    jupiter's child. or JULIENNE. or JULIAN.

  • Orion

    greek mythology name

  • Jonas

    dove. alternative JONAH.

  • Lumen/loomin

    light/thread-weaver. loomen. poss. male

  • Sevenna


  • Praia

    Portuguese 'beach'

  • Risa


  • Eleni

    HELEN. bright, shining light.

  • Ivailo

    Bulgarian wolf.