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Names I would never use

These names have been ruined by someone gross, politicians or famous people or have a sound that I don't like.. - Created by cadeence

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  • Addison

    Adidas. And nickname Addie reminds me of hitler and the name Edward.

  • Adolfo


  • Cora

    I love Coralie, so Cora feels like a cropped version of this name.

  • Edward

    Thank you, Snowden.

  • Faith

    I met a mean girl called Faith. Also, I hate "th" endings for girls.

  • Gaylord

    What the heck? The Lord of gays? Ummm, I don't wanna see it as a name!

  • Harper

    Ugh... Hate it :/

  • Ian

    Ian from Alvin and the Chipmunks says hi.

  • Ivan

    I have a bad association with Ivan Dorn (it's his real last name), Russian singer.

  • Jo

    Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, a French tennis player, has ruined it for me forever.

  • Justin

    Justin Bieber? No.

  • Lilith

    Awesome meaning

  • Lindsay

    Lindsay Lohan? No, no, no!

  • Michelle

    I know a mean Michelle which is nice to everyone except me.

  • Patricia

    I never liked it.

  • Piper

    In fact, I don't like P names at all, especially Piper.

  • Victor

    Victor/Vector from Despicable Me

  • Vladimir

    Our president ruined it for many people.

  • Willow

    I like it better for a tree