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My Favorite Names for Boy or Girl 8/20/13

List of favorite names - Created by BlueEyes26

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  • Ares

  • Cecelia

  • Avery

    My favorite but hubby thinks its a boy name

  • Genevieve

    nn: Gen or Eve

  • Scarlet

    hubby said OK

  • Everly

    nn: Eve

  • Luciana

    nn: Lucy Not sure if i like this one yet, may be too frilly

  • Magnolia

    nn: Noa/Nollie/Nola/Maggie so many possibilities

  • Marlena

    nn: Laney It is cute and unusual, I really like it and got hubbys OK.

  • Serena

    Ok, may be better middle name

  • Violet

    Ok, may be better middle name

  • Jade

    Love this for middle name

  • Brenna

    Cute middle name

  • Acadia

    Adorable name, like it for middle name but it has so many syllables

  • Oriana

    I like fo middle name, very different, a lot of syllables though

  • Emmett

    nn: EM I love this for a fist name, hubby is not convinced

  • Weston

    We both like this name, it is cute and uncommon

  • Lennox

    nn: knox, we like Knox as a name but I like the idea of having a longer name and Knox as nickname

  • Knox

    just plain old knox. Knox is my husbands first choice

  • Jaxon

    Too popular? It seems everyone is naming their box Jaxon or Jaxson or Jackson

  • Ansel

    I love this for a middle name, unusual, sounds strong and has a cool reference to Ansel Adams

  • Wilder

    maybe middle name material

  • Everett

    middle name option

  • Ellias

    middle name, cool spin on the name Eli or Elijah

  • Alistair

    middle name option

  • Harrison

    middle name option

  • Hudson

    middle name option