One-Syllable Names

Names that pop. - Created by Contessina

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  • Sage

    unisex, an herb and a wise person

  • Dove


  • May

    a beautiful month, and it's a pretty hopeful word. "it may be"

  • June

    my birthday month

  • March

    month, literary name (Little Women)

  • Pearl

    what a gem

  • John


  • Scott

    a strong name

  • Glen

    a poetic word for a deep valley

  • Dawn

    old-fashioned, still kicking

  • Lynn

    I love double letters

  • Joan

    strong by association with Joan of Arc

  • Jane


  • Rose

    a beautiful flower

  • Jean

    ready for a comeback?

  • Blanche

    do you prefer the French or the American pronunciation?

  • Eve


  • Ruth

    just old enough to work

  • Flo

    is this retro yet?

  • Roy


  • Ralph

    please bring it back