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These are some of my favourite names that I would consider for any future children. - Created by Raffle

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  • Aurora

    My mother's name is Dawn and Aurora means morning/dawn. I like the nicknames Aura and Rory

  • Belle

    My little angel

  • Reuben

    I think that this name is unusual and comes with some sweet nicknames like 'Roo' or 'Ruby'

  • Peyton

    Searching for a middle name to go with this name

  • Christopher

    This name is dedicated to a good friend who holds the nickname 'Chrissy'

  • Delphine

    I read a book about a baby named Delphi and fell in love with this name

  • Beatrix

    I like this name after watching the film 'Kill Bill'. The character Beatrix Kiddo is very strong and stopped at nothing