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The Edge names

Names I used in my fictional work "The Edge" :) - Created by cadeence

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  • Kevin

    Father of the main heroine.

  • Edward

    Kevin's mn

  • Stewart

    Kevin's last name

  • Sylvie

    Mother of the main heroine. Her last name is de Miffand (very rare one). Lives in London although she comes from France.

  • Adele

    Her mn

  • Anna

    The main heroine, also a prodigy.

  • Catherine

    Anna's mn.

  • Elodie

    Anna's second mn.

  • Emma

    Anna's sister.

  • Juliette

    Emma's mn

  • Sarah

    Emma's second mn.

  • Austin

    Anna and Emma's cousin.

  • Audrey

    Austin's sister

  • Cassidy

    The most popular girl at school, also a bully to Anna

  • Angeline

    Cassidy's mn

  • Jacklyn

    Cassidy's best friend

  • Isabel

    Jacklyn's mn.

  • James

    Anna's crush, also Cassidy's boyfriend

  • Gabriel

    James' mn

  • Alex

    Awkward boy at school, likes Jacklyn

  • Michelle

    Another mean girl...

  • Selena

    Michelle's mn

  • Franziska

    German student, used to be Anna's friend, but sadly, she joined Cassidy and Jacklyn....

  • Alain

    Anna and Emma's cousin, who lives in France

  • Max

    Sylvie's brother

  • Sophie

    Max's daughter.

  • Jeanette

    Max's wife