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Given and surnames from my family tree that I would consider using. - Created by meaganeve

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  • Broome

    To be used as a middle name. Namesake: Thomas Horatio Broome (born 1909) and ancestors.

  • Cheryl

    Namesake: my partner's mother's middle name

  • Emeline

    Namesake: Emeline Mathews born 1833.

  • Huey

    Namesake: My brother, father, grandfather, great-grand father and great-great grandfather all have the first name Huey.

  • James

    Namesake: Narcissa James, husband died in the civil war when her first few children were young. I would possibly use James as a middle name.

  • Morgan

    Namesake: Sarah Elizabeth Morgan born 1846, and her father, Elias Morgan born 1818.

  • McCracken

    To be used as a middle name. Namesake: My favorite great-grandmother's mother, Hattie Gertrude McCracken (born 1884) and ancestors. Hattie died when my great-grandmother was very young and my ggmother remembers her fondly.

  • Shelby

    Namesake: Troy Shelby Broome born 1806, his mother Mary Shelby, born 1770, and ancestors.

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