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Arthur's future siblings:

Arthur is known mostly by "Arthur" with the occasional "Art" or "Artie" thrown in. I want the same feel for his future siblings, a classic underused name with a long history of use. - Created by maggiekathleen

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  • Agnes Pearl

    Agnes, nickname "Essie"

  • Edward Jeffrey

    I LOVE nickname "Ned", and Arthur and Edward seem a perfect pair. (As do nicknames Art and Ned)

  • Harvey Patrick

    Love Harvey!

  • Helen Jane

    Art & Nell

  • Irene Lucille

    Love Irene. Lucille is my maternal grandmothers middle name

  • Irving Jeffrey

    Love Irv and Art. :)

  • Katherine Pearl

    Not exactly an underused name, but we would use nicknames "Kit" or "Kitty" - a gorgeous name, long history of use= a definite favorite

  • Lydia Lucille

    Lyddie Linn :) (swoon) Arthur and Lydia

  • Mabel Kathleen

  • Maeve Kathleen

    My true guilty pleasure name. Which is how I felt about Arthur. Might be the one!

  • Miriam Opal

    Mim and Art

  • Vivian Lucille

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