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Runner-ups - Boy names ending in N

Names I like enough to consider using them. Goal is that no child shares an initial though, so be careful there. - Created by SerenRuby

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  • Callan

  • Griffin

    Griffe not so nice in french.

  • Arden

    Prefer Alden. Initial already used.

  • Darwin

    Yay love. People think it's too much.

  • Rowan

    On elo's list.

  • Owen

    Too common ?

  • Alden

    On elo's list. Initial already used.

  • Tamerlan

    Terrorist ? Arab name.

  • Deagan

    Too old fashioned ?

  • Arren

    Initial already used.

  • Colin

    Like don't love. Unfortunate associations ?

  • Salmon

    Usable ? Initial already used.

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