Little Girl Names

My and my husband's list of favorite names for our future little girl. This list's names are comprised mostly of names from the past that i find beautiful, feminine and not as common or typical today as "Ashley," "Kaylie," or boyish like "Peyton." - Created by Jesshudspeth

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  • Adeline

  • Anita

  • Ava

    I love this name because it means "bird." Though my husband does not share my complete love for birds he does thoroughly enjoy the sweet little things. I think the name Ava is beautiful, sweet and is a variant of "Eve" meaning "life." I like history and you cannot get more historical than the first woman. i think it is name with happiness, harmony and sweet tenderness.

  • Charis

  • Cora

    This name also was discovered through my love of historical English romance...the popular PBS show Downton Abbey's beloved Lady Cora Crawley. I find the name sweet, energetic, soft but yet a little interesting and spunky considering it is not popularly used. This name is very feminine and floral to me. Cora means "filled heart." Of all the names we have added to our list this one has the meaning that is most important to me.

  • Corinne

  • Edith

    Meaning "prosperous in war." My first thought upon reading the meaning of this name was "eh, never mind, I do not want war to be in my daughter's future." However, after thinking on it I realized what war this world is in and how my husband and I have talked and I have been concerned bringing a baby into this world. What better way to equip her than to help choose her path by naming her something so strong, powerful and feminine? This was my great grandmother's name and she was a wonderful woman. I think my grandfather would like for us to name our daughter after his strong, funny and loving mother.

  • Elinor

    I'm a romantic and adore the romance of the English gardens and large homes of English history which are written about in Jane Austin's books. One of my favorite characters was Elinor. It is a beautiful, sensible, feminine name with a slight grandeur and elegance that the name Catherine holds without the commonplace.

  • Elspeth

    I found this name when reading about Elsie. I liked Elsie which is a variation of the Scottish version (Elspeth) of Elizabeth. Elspeth means "pledged to God." I have had much trouble finding names that mean something other than "light haired one." Elspeth also is a nod to my maiden name which ended in "speth." This name seams like a winner to me as a beautiful middle name.

  • Maxine

    Great grandmother's name