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Names My Mom Loves

Besides the ones used for me and my brothers! My mother is very picky when it comes to names. - Created by Whitley

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  • Ava

    She said she would have liked this as my middle. I wouldn't mind.

  • Layne

    It was the top contender for my never-filled middle name.

  • Violet

    We were talking about the name Viola, and Mom said she much prefered Violet. I argued then, but I definitly agree now :)

  • Adrian

    because of Monk

  • Ashley

    because of Gone with the Wind, her favorite movie. We both prefer it on a boy.

  • Blaine

    This is another suggestion of mine at the ABC name game. She loved it because it's so similar to Layne.

  • Cameron

  • Holden

    I suggested when we were playing the ABC name game, and she loved it.

  • Ian

    I like, but she loves.

  • Mitchell

  • Noah

    Mom loves it. I do, too, but it is too similar to Norah, which I plan on using.

  • Riley

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