my favorite names for boys and/or girls

My name -Bonnie, I think it's lovely and means pretty and sweet. Bonnie needs a comeback! I also Love or really like the following names. For Boys : Caden, or Kaden, Griffin, William, Keller, Adrian, Carver, Billy or Will, Hollen, or Hollan, Dominic or Nick, Alastair, Henry, and many English surnames are great. Right now, of course the others have slipped my mind. For Girls : Julianna., Isabella, Gabriela, or Gabrielle for a boy. Sophia, Elizabeth, after my favorite Queen Elizabeth 1, Clover is nice, saw it on the new list here. Callia, Calley, Elaina, Merishelle or mirachella, Bonnay, sounds like Bonneigh, Belinda, Calianna, Chanel, just like the cologne Chanel number 5, Bellisamo, can't think of more right now, but I know their in my brain somewhere. Will add more when they come to me. Bonnie - Created by bonbon56

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