My Favourite Girls names

- Created by Phebejane

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  • Allegra

    beautiful name but dont like any nicknames

  • Avalon

    Ava/ Avie

  • Azrael

    Possibly spelt Azraelle

  • Delphine

    as a middle name

  • Evangeline

    Evie as a nn

  • Genevieve

    Vivi (vee-vee) or Evie - definitely not Jen

  • Isadora


  • Josephine

    Phina/ Sephie - definitely not Jo.

  • Persephone

    per-SEH-fə-nee - Greek mythology - goddess of springtime. Sephy/ Sephie/ Percy as nicknames

  • Scarlett

  • Seraphina

    seh-rə-FEE-nə - Latin/ Late Roman - derived from the biblical term Seraphim - the highest ranking angels with 6 wings. Meaning: Fiery ones. Phina as a nickname

  • Vianne

    From Chocolat. Vivi as a nickname - pronounced vee-vee

  • Vivienne

    emphasis on the last syllable (not the VIV). Vivi as a nickname - pronounced vee-vee

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