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Created by charlotteblu

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  • Accalia

  • Sosie

    so playful

  • Quilliam

    for a writer?? maybe?

  • Isabelita

    diminutive of Isabela

  • Lucasta

    sounds like a sorceress

  • Vail

    Pierce The Veil is my life

  • Anastasios

  • Elowen

  • Keverne

    better than Laverne

  • Penrose

  • Silyen

    better than Sullivan

  • Yevgeniya

    nn Genni or Evvie

  • Meribah

    unique alternative for MaryBeth or Maribelle

  • Gyuri

    Hungarian form of George

  • Eithne

    pronounced like Enya

  • Keturah

    lone survivor of the apocalypse

  • Halona

    reminiscent of an abalone shell, mermaid maybe?

  • Atherton

    better than Asher or Ashton

  • Theobald

    feminization could be Theoba

  • Raanan

    pronounced rah-AH-nun

  • Bravery

    has more spice than Avery

  • Eleazar

    just awesome

  • Leontine

    i'm really into leo names rn sot sure why

  • Salix

    rhymes with Alex but way cooler

  • Arrietty

    flows so smoothly

  • Biaggio

    great sound, terrible meaning

  • Armand

    never use nn Armie

  • Veradisia

  • Beauregard

    Beauregarten sounds nice too

  • Endellion

    a lesser-known saint

  • Zikomo

    nn Ziik

  • Macario

    better than Mario

  • Dovev

  • Hecuba

    an old-lady treasure

  • Olwen

    better than Olsen

  • Zevadiah

    biblical name with a spark

  • Clarion

    alternative to Halcyon

  • Macsen

    like a compound affix, but in a good way

  • Cerulean

    nn Ceer, Rulie, or Ean

  • Viridian

  • Evrose

    would go well with an Ambrose

  • Griselda

    evil but amazing

  • Pierluigi

    nn Erly, Piers, or Luie

  • Rego

    clear and concise (brother to a Madonna?)

  • Odion

  • Graydon

  • Schuyler

  • Cadan

    simpler than Cadence

  • Ivo


  • Rian

    Rian Dawson

  • Hypatia

    strong legacy

  • Prentice

    middle name

  • Ceridwen

    nn Keri

  • Baxley

    a bit snobby, in a good way

  • Brannon


  • Suvi

    Suvi Koponen

  • Bellamy

    beautiful friend

  • Corbin

    nn Benny

  • Varfolomei

    middle name only!

  • Brigidine

    siblings could be Geraldine and Ingrid

  • Tacy

    Betsy-Tacy is where i first heard this

  • Ghislaine

    nn Laini

  • Cadeau


  • Farasha

    "butterfly" in Arabic, nn Farrah

  • Myfanwy

    priceless, "my lovely little one"

  • Umeko

    nn Umi

  • Rineke

    better than Rina

  • Benoni

    better than Benno

  • Gellert

    Gellert Grindelwald

  • Peverell

    the Peverell brothers from HP

  • Leocadia

    lioness in the mountains

  • Guthrie

    makes me think of a cool breeze

  • Tolliver

    the name Tollivera (f) could be nn Livvy

  • Keir

    Keir Gilchrist

  • Thomas


  • Daphnis

    inspiration: Daphne Groeneveld

  • Keeley

    always loved this name

  • Peregrine

    never use nn Perry

  • Kerenza

  • Auberon

    better than Oberon or Auburn

  • Graziana

    better than Ariana

  • Zelenka

  • Lynx

    Leocadia's bro

  • Betsan

  • Legacy

    Hypatia's sis

  • Maeve

    "she who intoxicates"

  • Bronte

    no explanation necessary

  • Balthazar

    nn: Tazzie, Tazzy, Zara, Zaro, or Balta

  • Ryleigh

  • Belisario

    rolls off the tongue quite nicely

  • Madigan

    never use a nn for this

  • Cadenza

    Holy Trinity with Kerenza and Cadeau

  • Teagan

  • Calista

  • Remington

  • Arkady

  • Camden

    New England Ivy

  • Azzedine

    Azzedine Alaia

  • Kenzo

    straightforward and to the point (also cute >w<)

  • Eleonara

    rolls off the tongue, nn Nara or Naya

  • Kalindi

    rhythmic awesomeness

  • Mikko

    so adorable

  • Pavlo

    brother to Kenzo

  • Sidonia

    Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers (Brie Larson)

  • Samara

    the rating would be higher, but its kinda creepy cuz of that girl from the Ring

  • Caoimhe

    pronounced kee-va

  • Saoirse

    pronounced sare-sha

  • Aisling

    pronounced ash-ling

  • Catriona

    pronounced like Katrina but i like pronouncing the i say kat-ree-oh-na

  • Finlay

  • Carys

    pronunciation varies

  • Bronwyn

    this would be a full 5 stars if not for the meaning

  • Iphigenia

    only for literary purposes or an old woman

  • Amaryllis

    only for literary purposes, a good mashup: Amaryleigh

  • Verity

    "by the verities on thee made true..."

  • Hero

  • Huxley

    hate the author, love the name

  • Minoo

    I first saw this name in Cirkeln, a book by Mats Strandberg and Sarah Bergmark Elfgren