My absolute favorite names

Just future names we plan on using. - Created by kassieb11

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  • Dayson

    Sunny Day, Day. Possible Daysun spelling for the nn Sunny day.

  • Leland

    L, Liam used to be my favorite but Leland trumps that one ten fold.

  • Noah

    So cute!!

  • Sawyer

    S.W., Y, Feels like a manly name imo

  • Linkin

    Yes spelt like the band, Link

  • Draco

    Drake, Little Dragon, Most people think of Draco Malfoy but I have loved dragons for so long that he doesn't even cross my mind.

  • Emmalina

    Em, Lin, Mal. Also this is a family name that i absolutly adore!

  • Serenity

    Ren. Jeff and I love the show Firefly, plus its a beautiful name!