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Book #2

Names that are featured in the second book I am writing. *People she meets in a coma - Created by Girlychock

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  • Alexandrine

    6, loud, obnoxious, firm footed, dies from a bullet in battle

  • Arcadia

    Nurse, 35, perfectionist, caring, worries a lot, forgetful

  • Aldrine

    14 years old, outgoing, admits feelings, loving, adorable, cute, sensitive. *

  • Buzz

    15, out-going, sensative, loving

  • Dixie

    Novalees friend, loud, supporting, loving, emotional

  • Duke

    Dixies little brother, crush on Nova, sweet and serious, annoying

  • Esme

    42 year olds. Twin with Sophia. Very diplomatic and sharp, talking about life before the war.*

  • Fable

    6, clueless, won't follow, directions, goes after Alexandrine and never seen again

  • Flax

    30 years old, illigal child mutater, bad guy, sensfull, hatefull, mysterious, smelly, quirky, obnoxious, scorpian mutant, martial arts black belt, puts Nova in a coma.

  • Griffin

    17 years old, stubborn, loud, fearless, like Vega

  • Hazelle

    17 years old, Very much like Nova. Just like October, but shy and loyal.*

  • Haylissa

    Novalees friend, loud, supporting, loving, emotional

  • Isadora

    Nova's mother, stubborn, loving, determined, fearless

  • Juniper

    Novas cousin, ocelot mutant, sassy, caring, doesn't let things get to her

  • Malone

    16, hates Nova, sassy, selfish, lion mutant, smart, 2nd best

  • Nolan

    Novas favorite teacher, demanding yet respectful, 40

  • Novalee

    NN: Nova; 14 year old snake mutant agent. Stubborn, obnoxious, deep thinker, lonely. Dies at 16 in coma. Bright red hair, brown eyes, scarred and bruised and musculer body.

  • October

    15 year old camillion mutant. Novalee's best friend! Quirky, worry-wart, hide feelings, emotionally strong, anxious, silly, happy, hates attention.

  • Reyes

    Watch Guard Barrios. Strong and mean, around 30. No mercy. Coward.*

  • Rune

    Docter, 47, easy going, loud, professional, firm footed

  • Sophia

    42 year old. Twins with Esme. Very diplomatic, but silly. *

  • Sylvester

    15, shy, cute, awkward, loving, wants to be liked, kind, likes Nova, polar bear mutant

  • Sylvie

    shy, giggly, adorable, sensitive 6 year old Novalee watches after while being captivated. Has long bleach blond hair and big silver/gray eyes. Super pale and tiny. Dies of unknown disease (limbs/body shrinking) at 7 years old.*

  • Temperance

    15, follower, wants to be liked, starting to hate Malone, Peacock mutant

  • Vega

    17, stubborn, loud, fearless

  • Zera

    21 year old. Like Nova, but wiser. Talks to Nova when everyones asleep. *