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  • Aaron

    a teacher; lofty; mountain of strength; a teacher

  • Abel

    a city; mourning; vanity; breath; transitoriness

  • Abigail

    the father's joy, source of joy

  • Abilene

    father of morning, land of meadows

  • Abner

    father of light

  • Abraham

    father of a great multitude

  • Adah

    an assembly, ornament, beauty

  • Adam

    earthy; red

  • Adiel

    the witness of the Lord

  • Adin

    adorned; voluptuous; dainty

  • Adina

    adorned; voluptuous; dainty

  • Adlai

    my witness; my ornament

  • Adna

    pleasure; delight

  • Adriel

    the flock of God

  • Alleluia

    praise the Lord, (not really a name but.....)

  • Alma

    nurturing soul

  • Amana

    integrity; truth; a nurse

  • Amariah

    the Lord says; the integrity of the Lord

  • Amasa

    sparing the people (traditionally male)

  • Ammah

    my, or his, people

  • Ammon

    a people; the son of my people

  • Amos

    loading; weighty

  • Apollonia

    perdition, destruction

  • Arabia

    evening; desert; ravens

  • Arah

    the way; a traveker

  • Aram

    highness, magnificence, one that deceives; curse

  • Ariel

    altar; light or lion of God

  • Asa

    physician; cure

  • Ashan


  • Asher


  • Asia

    muddy, boggy

  • Asriel

    Help of God

  • Assyria

    country of Assur or Ashur

  • Ater

    left hand; shut

  • Attalia

    that increases or sends from Attalus

  • Augustus

    increased, augmented, venerable

  • Ava

    or Ivah, iniquity

  • Aven

    iniquity; force; riches; sorrow

  • Azriel

    Help of God

  • Barjona

    son of Jonah, of a dove

  • Barnabas

    son of the prophet, or of consolation

  • Bartholomew

    a son that suspends the waters

  • Benjamin

    son of the right hand

  • Beno

    his son

  • Bethany

    house of song; house of affliciton; house of dates; house of misery

  • Bethaven

  • Bethel

    house of God

  • Bethesda

    house of pity or mercy

  • Bethlehem

    house of bread

  • Calah

    favorable; oppoirtunity

  • Caleb

    a dog; a crow; a basket; bold, impetous

  • Cedron

    black, sad

  • Chloe

    green herb

  • Christian

    disciples of Christ

  • Cilicia

    which rolls or overturns

  • Claudia

    a lamentable voice

  • Clement

    mild; good; merciful

  • Cornelius

    of a horn

  • Cosam


  • Crispus


  • Cyprus

    fair; fairness

  • Cyrene

    a wall; coldness; the floor

  • Cyrus

    as miserable; as heir; King of Persia; means the son of truth

  • Daniel

    judgment of God: God my judge

  • Darah

    generation: house of the shepherd or of the companion

  • Darius

    King of Persia, kind man, he that informs himself of a king

  • Darkon

    of generation: of possession, bearer of scattering

  • David

    well-beloved, dear, beloved

  • Deborah

    word, thing, a bee

  • Delaiah

    the porr of the Lord, Jehovah is deliverer

  • Delilah

    poor: small: head of hair: samsons mistress: languishing

  • Demas

    popular, ruler of people

  • Diana

    lumionous, perfect

  • Dinah

    judgment: who judges

  • Dodavah


  • Earnest


  • East

    which is before or in front of a person

  • Eber

    one that passes: anger

  • Eden

    pleasure: delight

  • Eder

    a flock

  • Egypt

    that troubles or oppresses: anguish

  • Ehi

    my brother

  • Elealeh

    burnt-offering of God

  • Eli

    my God

  • Elias

    God the Lord, the strong Lord

  • Elijah

    God the Lord, the strong Lord

  • Elizabeth

    the oath or fullness of God

  • Elisha

    salvation of God

  • Elm


  • Emmanuel

    God with us

  • Enos

    mortal man: sick: despaired of: forgetful

  • Esther

    secret: hidden

  • Ethan

    strong: the gift of the island

  • Eve

    living: enlivening

  • Ezra

    help court

  • Ezri

    my help

  • Felix

    happy< prosperous

  • Gabriel

    God is my strength

  • Galatia

    white: the color of milk

  • Galilee

    cylinder: circuit: district: wheel

  • Gazer

    a dividing: a sentence

  • Genesis


  • Gethsemane

    a very fat or plentiful vale

  • Gideon

    he that bruises or breaks: a destroyer

  • Hadlai

    loitering: hindering

  • Halah

    a moist table

  • Hali

    sickness: a beginning: a precious stone

  • Hallelujah

    praise jah

  • Hanan

    full of grace

  • Hanes

    banishment of grace

  • Hannah

    gracious: merciful: she that gives

  • Hara

    a hill: showing forth

  • Heber

    one that passes: anger

  • Hen


  • Hosanna

    save I pray thee: keep: preserve

  • Ichabod

    where is the glory? inglorious

  • Idalah

    the hand of slander or cursing

  • Idumea

    red: earthy: bloody

  • Immanuel

    God is with us

  • Immer

    say; speaking; talkative; a lamb; prominent

  • India

    praise; law

  • Ira

    watchman; making bare; pouring out; watcher; watchful; city watch

  • Iram

    the effusion of them; a high heap; watchful

  • Iri

    fire; light; Jehovah is watcher

  • Isaac

    laughter; he laughed; laughing one

  • Isaiah

    the salvation of the Lord;

  • Israel

    who prevails with God; he strives with God; ruling with God

  • Italy

    abounding with calves or heifers

  • Ivah


  • Izri

    fasting; tribulation; creative; former

  • Jacob

    that supplants; undermines; the geel

  • Jada

    knowing, wise

  • James


  • Jarah

    a wood; honeycomb; watching closely

  • Jared

    a ruling; commanding; coming down

  • Jason

    he that cures; He that will cure; one who heals

  • Javan

    deceiver; one who makes sad

  • Jedidiah

    beloved of the Lord, beloved of Jehovah

  • Jemima

    handsome as the day

  • Jerah

    the moon; month; smelling sweet

  • Jeremiah

    ecaltation of Jehovah, raised up or appointed by Jehobah

  • Jericho

    his moon; his month; his sweet smell

  • Jerusalem

    vision of peace, the habitation of peace

  • Jerusha

    banished; possession; ingeritance

  • Jesaiah

    health, or salvation, of jehovah

  • Jesse

    gift, oblation, one who is

  • Jethro

    his excellence; his posterity

  • Jezebel

    not exalted

  • Joachim

    rising or establishing of Jehovah

  • Joah

    fraternity; brother of Jehovah

  • Joanna

    grace or gift of Jehovah

  • Job

    he that weeps or cries, persecuted

  • Joel

    he that wills or commands

  • John

    the grace or mercy of the Lord

  • Jonah

    a dove; he that oppresses; destroyer

  • Jonas

    a dove; he that oppresses; destroyer

  • Jonathan

    given of God

  • Jordan

    the river of judgment or the descender

  • Joseph

    increase; addition; remover or increaser; may God add

  • Joshua

    a savior; a deliverer

  • Josiah

    the Lord burns; the fire of Jehovah

  • Jotham

    the perfection of Jehovah

  • Judah

    the praise of the Lord; confession

  • Judaea

    same as Judah

  • Judith

    same as Judah

  • Julia

    downy; soft and tender hair

  • Julius

    same as Julia

  • Junia


  • Justus

    just or upright

  • Kallai

    light, resting by fire, my voice

  • Kanah

    of reeds

  • Kareah

    bold; ice

  • Kelaiah

    voice of the Lord, gathering together

  • Kelitah

    same as Kelaiah

  • Kenan

    buyer, owner

  • Keros

    crooked, crookedness

  • Keturah

    incense, that makes the incense to fume

  • Kezia

    suerficies, angle, cassia

  • Koa

    hope, congregation, a line, a rule

  • Korah

    baldness, ice, frost

  • Lazarus

    assistance of God

  • Leah

    weary; tired

  • Levi

    associated with him, joined, to adhere

  • Libya

    the heart of the sea, fat

  • Linus


  • Lois


  • Lucas

    luminous, white

  • Luke

    luminous; white

  • Luz

    separation; departure; an almound

  • Lydda

    a standing pool

  • Lystra

    that dissolves or deisperses

  • Madian

    judgment, striving, covering, chiding,

  • Madon

    chiding, a garment, his measure

  • Magdala

    tower; greatness

  • Magdalene

    a person from Magdala

  • Mahalah

    sickness; a company of dancers; a harp

  • Mahali

    infirmity; a harp; pardon

  • Maharai

    hasting, a hill, from a hill

  • Malachi

    my messenger, my angel

  • Malcham

    their king their counselor

  • Manasseh

    forgetfulness; he that is forgotten

  • Manoah

    rest; a present

  • Mara

    sad, bitter

  • Mark

    same as Marcus, polite; shining

  • Martha

    who becomes bitter; provoking; a lady

  • Mary

    same as Miriam

  • Matthew

    given; a reward; girft of Jehovah

  • Melea

    supplying, supllied

  • Melita

    affording honey

  • Memphis

    abode of the good

  • Menan

    numbered, rewarded, prepared

  • Mesha

    burden; salvation

  • Micah

    poor; humble

  • Michael

    who is like to God

  • Michaiah

    who is perfect?

  • Minneiah

    possession of the Lord

  • Millo


  • Minni

    reckoned; prepared

  • Miriam

    rebellion, bitterness

  • Misti

    uncomparable beauty

  • Mordecai

    contrition; bitter; bruising

  • Moreh


  • Moriah

    bitterness of the Lord

  • Moses

    taken out, drawn forth

  • Myra

    I flow; pour out; weep

  • Mysia

    criminal, abominable

  • Naomi

    beautiful, agreeable, sweet, pleasant

  • Nathanael

    the gift of God

  • Nazareth

    separated; crowned; sanctified

  • Neah

    moved; moving

  • Nicodemus

    victory of the people

  • Nicholas

    victory of the people

  • Noah

    rest; consolation

  • Noe

    same as Noah

  • Noha

    rest; a guide

  • Norah

    same as Noah

  • Omri

    sheaf of corn

  • Oren

    pine tree

  • Oshea

    same as Joshua

  • Ozias

    strenght from the Lord

  • Padon

    his redemtion

  • Paul

    small; little

  • Pelaiah

    the Lord's secret or miracle

  • Peninnah

    pearl; precious stone; the face

  • Perez


  • Perida

    seoaration; division

  • Persia

    that cuts or divides; a nail; a gryphon; a horseman

  • Persis

    same as Persia

  • Peter

    a rock or stone

  • Phebe

    shining; pure

  • Philip

    warlike; a lover of horses

  • Phinneus

    bold aspect; face of trust or protection

  • Priscilla


  • Rachel

    ewe, God's ewe

  • Reba

    the fourth, a swuare, that lies or stoops down

  • Rebekah

    fettered by beauty

  • Rei

    my shepherd; my companion; my friend

  • Resen

    a bridle or bit

  • Rhesa

    will; a course

  • Rhoda

    a rose

  • Rhodes

    a rose

  • Rinnah

    song; rejoicing

  • Rissah

    watering; distillation; dew

  • Roman

    strong; powerful

  • Ruben

    behold a son

  • Rufus


  • Ruth


  • Ryan


  • Salah

    mission; sending

  • Salem

    complete or perfect peace

  • Salma

    peace, perfection

  • Salome

    peaceable; perfect; he that rewards

  • Samaria


  • Samos

    full of gravel

  • Samson

    his son; his service; there the second time

  • Samuel

    lent of God; heard by God; asled of God

  • Sapphira

    that relates or tells

  • Sarah

    lady; mother of the multitude

  • Sarai

    my lady; my princess

  • Saul

    demanded; lent; ditch; death

  • Selah

    the end; a pause

  • Serah

    lady of scent; song; the morning star

  • Seraphim

    burning; fiery

  • Seth

    put; who puts; fixed

  • Sharon

    plain, as in land

  • Sheba


  • Shelah

    that breaks; that unties; that undresses

  • Shemuel

    appointed by God

  • Shiloh

    sent, peace, abundance

  • Silas

    three or the third

  • Simon

    that hears' that obeys

  • Sion

    noise, tumult

  • Sisera

    that sees a horse or a swallow

  • Solomon

    peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses

  • Spain

    rare; precious

  • Stephen

    crown; crowned

  • Susanna

    lily; rose; joy

  • Tabitha


  • Tahrea

    anger; wicked contention

  • Tarah

    a hair; a wretch; on banished

  • Terah

    to breathe; scent; blow

  • Tertius


  • Thaddeus

    that praises or confesses

  • Thomas

    a twin

  • Thyatira

    a perfume; sacrifice of labor

  • Tiberius

    good vision; the navel

  • Timon

    honorable; worthy

  • Tiria

    searching out

  • Tirza


  • Titus


  • Tobiah

    the Lord is good

  • Uri

    my light, my fire

  • Uriah

    the Lord is my light

  • Vaniah

    nourishment or weapons of the Lord

  • Yosef


  • Zacharias

    the Lord has remembered

  • Zanoah

    forgetfulness; desertion

  • Zarah

    east; brightness

  • Zebadiah

    portion of the Lord

  • Zebedee

    abundant; portion

  • Zebina

    flowing now; selling; buying

  • Zedekiah

    the Lord is my jusstice

  • Zemira

    song; vine; palm

  • Zia

    sweat; swelling

  • Zibia


  • Zillah

    shadow; the tingling of the ear

  • Zipporah

    beauty; trympet; mouring

  • Ziza


  • Zora

    leprosy; scab; hornet

  • Zuriel

    rock or strength of God

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