Names I love

Names with their meanings - Created by marissalou

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  • Nora

  • Grant Leonard

    (Large/Brave Lion)

  • Andrew Welch

    "Drew" (Strong and Manly/family name)

  • Clark Daniel

    (Scribe/God is my Judge)

  • Elise Pamela

    (Pledged to God/All Sweetness)

  • Faith Constance

  • Andrew Leonard

    "Drew" (Strong & Manly/Brave Lion)

  • Grant Daniel

    (Large/God is my Judge)

  • Eva Constance


  • Claire Pamela

    (Clear, pure/All sweetness)

  • Elise Constance

    (Pledged to God/Steadfastness)

  • Clark Gregory

    (Scribe/Vigilant, a Watchman)

  • Eva Louise

    (Life/Renowned Warrior

  • Leona Mae

    (A Lioness/Diminutive of Margaret-Pearl)

  • Davis Matthew

    (Beloved/ Gift of God)

  • Joanna Kristin

    (God is Gracious/Christian)

  • Clark Donald

    (Scribe/Proud Chief)

  • Juliet Eva


  • Juliet Grace

    (Youthful/Unmerited Favor)

  • Audrey Pamela


  • Margo Pamela