Current Obsessions - Boys

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  • Rohan

  • Calix

    Cal, Alix (Cay-Lix)

  • Theon

    I love this, however GoT connection might be worrisome, he's sort of a villain. Love Castor as a possible middle. (Thee-on)

  • Grey

  • Ianto

    Guilty pleasure :3 (Yan-Toe)

  • Caius

    Another ancient name like Castor and Calix, NN Cai

  • Rhys


  • Casimir

    Polish Spelling (Cas-i-mir)

  • Kasimir

    German Spelling, I prefer this one. (Kah-si-mir)

  • Caton


  • Ash


  • Prescott

    Good strong middle

  • Stellan

    Connection to actor Stellan Skarsgård.

  • Orion

  • Ryker

  • Castor

  • Callum

    Matches with Castor, Cashiel, etc

  • Spence

  • Adair


  • Bastian

    or Alt spelling Bastion / Bastien

  • Casmir

    or Kasmir (Cas-Myr)


  • Castle


  • Maxon

    With middles Maxon Orion Ryker. Very Star Trek with the constellation and Commander Ryker name reference. I like it.


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