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  • User List: Yellow names

    Names with the meaning yellow BLANE, CHAMOIS, FLAVIAN, MELINA, PATZI

  • Name: Baby Name Forsythia

    This yellow harbinger spring bloom was named for Scottish botanist William Forsyth, and is even more unusual than such exotic species as Acacia and Azalea.

  • Name: Baby Name Xanthene

    A yellowish chemical compound that produces fluorescent dyes ranging from bright yellow to hot pink to flaming red -- but as a name sounds glaringly sci-fi.

  • Name: Baby Name Maaza

    Pronounced mah-zah, Maaza means a pleasant scent, usually from a yellow daisy popular in Ethiopia. Hot young Ethiopian-American novelist Maaza Mengiste introduced the name to our shores.

  • Name: Baby Name Isabelline

    yellow -gray-cream most often seen in horses' coats or birds' plumage.

  • Forums: What color?

    Dark grey Allison Yellow ... Charlene ?

  • Forums: What color?

    Pale Yellow Brooke Highlighter Yellow Nadia Dark red, barn red

  • Forums: The Name Rainbow :)!

    /> Yellow . Get it? You go through the, orange, yellow , green, blue, indigo, purple..and then you start over. After the first round you can be more specific (

  • Name: Baby Name Cassia

    Cassia is one of the rare names that's truly unusual yet has a stylish feel. Cassia has the added attraction of the sweet smell of cinnamon; a cassia tree or bush, which has yellow flowers, produces

  • Name: Baby Name Senna

    Senna is a flowering bush common in the tropics, with bright yellow flowers. In herbal medicine, Senna has gained some notice as the active ingredient in so-called "dieter's teas," which works

  • Name: Baby Name Oz

    This may be a legitimate Hebrew name denoting power, but to any American kid, it will evoke ruby slippers and a yellow brick road. The full Hebrew name is Ozni, who was a grandson of Jacob

  • Forums: What color?

    ">Daphne ?Orange Phoebe ?Yellow

  • Forums: What color?

    Bright , blinding yellow . May Pastel Orange

  • Forums: What color?

    yellow -green Amarantha Teal . Lotus

  • Forums: What colour is your name?

    . Miriam - red, Sophie ... person 3 - Sophie - yellow , Amalie ...

  • Forums: What color?

    ">Samantha .Red . Myfanwy ?Pale yellow .

  • Forums: What color?

    ">Jake ?Sunny Yellow Michael Purple

  • Forums: What color?

    ">Niamh Pale Yellow . Rocco .Terra Cotta

  • Forums: What color?

    Light Yellow Thor dark gold Beowulf yellow -green

  • Name: Baby Name Saffron

    of her household. Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon has a grown daughter named Saffron. Saffron can also be considered a color name via its distinctive yellow hue.

  • Name: Baby Name Tansy

    yellow blossoms. It was cultivated by the ancients for medicinal purposes, and has found a variety of other uses over the ages, associated with health and immortality. There have been a couple

  • Name: Baby Name Xanthe

    with 'x' is pronounced as if it were a 'z', is derived from the Greek word for the color yellow . A Homeric epithet of Demeter, Xanthe, which arose as a name for a blonde, conjures up an image of an exotic

  • Forums: What color?

    /> Phoebe ?Yellow Deidra Emerald green...

  • Forums: What color?

    /> Myfanwy ?Pale yellow . Elena ?Golden Yellow

  • Forums: What color?

    ="/babyname/Robin">Robin Light yellow . Phoenix ?Sometimes, I think if firey colors

  • Forums: The color of names game

    /> Royal blue Ariella Ariella : golden yellow

  • Name: Baby Name Acacia

    is a shrub of the mimosa family, with clusters of showy white or yellow blossoms, which symbolizes resurrection and immortality--making the name especially appropriate for an Easter-season baby.

  • Name: Baby Name Donovan

    One of the first of the appealing Irish surnames to take off in this country, Donovan has long outgrown its "Mellow Yellow " association, which came via the single from a sixties singer-songwriter

  • Forums: When I See ______, I Imagine...

    jumping in puddles. She's the girl in the muddy princess dress. Her favorite color is yellow . Ginny is very naive and innocent. She always seems to be in her own

  • Forums: When I See ______, I Imagine...

    jumping in puddles. She's the girl in the muddy princess dress. Her favorite color is yellow . Ginny is very naive and innocent. She always seems to be in her own