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  • Forums: Wolfgang: Usable or Not?

    or Wolfie when he's younger it's very cool. I also like the idea of Wolf or Wolfgang as a middle name and maybe something

  • Name: Baby Name Beowulf

    inspirations for The Lord of the Rings . Certainly a weighty if historically relevant choice, but usable for a modern baby? Even with the possible nickname Wolfie , it would be a challenging name

  • Name: Baby Name Wolf

    Larsen. Nickname Wolfie definitely domesticates it.

  • Forums: Wilfred Colin / Wilfred Alec

    would go by Wilf / Wilfie / Wolfie !I love Wilfred to be honest, and Wilfred

  • Forums: Is Wolfgang Usable?

    Thoughts on this? I absolutely love the name Wolfgang , especially with nicknames Wolf or Wolfie

  • Forums: Is This Awful???

    , though, it may not be the best path to take, for obvious and not-quite-so reasons. I went to school with a Wolfgang and he got called " Wolfie "

  • User List: Names I adore

    , Paco Hart, Raz Adonis , Ciro Rais, Wolfie Theodore, Bedros Ivan , Oliver Tomasso, Reinier Basil, Lorenzo Silas, Cesare Constantine, Jedd Stone, Calvin Thurston, Alistair Saint, Emmett Darwin, Zander

  • Forums: Baby boy name poll - which do you like best?

    ="boy" href="/babyname/German">German heritage, plus we just love it and I'm in love with the idea of having a little Wolfie

  • Forums: If You Had a Baby Tomorrow...

    Alec ''Wilf/ Wolfie ''

  • Forums: Baby boy name poll - which do you like best?

    think it is awfully heavy. I do like the nickname Wolfie !I love Wolfgang but Fletcher sounds the best

  • Forums: Create a 'sibset' from these names?

    ="/babyname/Emmett">Emmett , Wilfred /Wolfie , Alec , Fox ,

  • Forums: A Name for our new Yorkie!

    ="boy" href="/babyname/Hamlet">Hamlet Wolfgang { Wolfie } Hancock

  • Forums: Another All Word CAF!

    , Wolfie , Shell , Viola , Pierce ,

  • Forums: Alphabet Twins & Triplets

    Beau ' Wolfie , Ro and Attie ' GGG:

  • Forums: Badger

    /Wyatt">Wyatt , Wolfie , and that is adorable--especially as we come from German stock and have lots of relatives named

  • Forums: Family Tree Baby Name Game

    ' Wolfie ' and Valentine Electra ' Nell ' Move to Spain

  • Forums: Alphabet Twins & Triplets

    Beau ' Wolfie , Ro and Attie ' GGG:

  • Forums: What are some of your favourite nicknames for names?

    - Wolfie Leopold - Leo Edwin -

  • Forums: Your favorite sibsets?

    Kitty ( Wolfie and Winnie )All of these sibsets are made up from my favourites. They're just the names I think

  • Forums: Nickname for Faolan?

    "> OP, according to this it means 'wolf' so how about that as a nickname? Wolfie ? Lol. Hi All,

  • Forums: Male Australian Shepherd needs a name!

    " href="/babyname/Bear">Bear ) Tank Taric Wolf /Wolfie

  • Forums: What nicknames would you use...

    /Emerson">Emerson - T, Emery Bennett Wolf - Wolfie

  • Forums: 8 Children Namebank CAF

    /> DH: Wolfgang Henry " Wolfie " DW: Letitia

  • Forums: Finally!

    /> ** Vincent nn Vince Wolfgang nn Wolfie - her husband liked this but felt

  • Forums: Has anyone gone pacifer free?

    was clipped. Same story with Vio, another tongue tie and sadly she wouldn't take one either. With Wolfie he was *not* tongue tied and he *did* take one for a little while but after a bit just decided he didn't

  • Forums: What are your favorite German names for boys?

    ">German origins although I took them from a list of popular names in Germany from last year. I adore Wolfgang and call him Wolfie . I also love

  • Forums: My Wolf.

    ="boy" href="/babyname/Wolfgang">Wolfgang ( Mozart 's first name) and using Wolf/ Wolfie as a nickname.

  • Forums: please rate my male combos & tell me whats wrong

    - Surprisingly, I really like this combo. It's starting to grow on me, especially with the thought of " Wolf " or " Wolfie " as a nickname.

  • Forums: Think/Say

    " href="/babyname/Anastasia">Anastasia are way too opposite. I wonder if they call her Wolfie that would be a cute nn. Say : Hello

  • Forums: Your German Family

    and Barbara Neumann with Wolfie , Kon, Ada ,