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  • User List: Slovenia 2010 Top 100 Boys

    , DENIS, LUKAS, PETER, TRISTAN, LEO, IZAK, NIKO, NINO, BRIN, DOMINIK, TARIK, SVEN, Žiga, Žan, Nejc, Matic, Anže, Vid, Aljaž, Miha, Rok, Lovro, Anej, Tilen, Gašper, Lan, Jure, Tian , Matija, Blaž, Matevž, Tai

  • Forums: DH hates middle name I chose

    Rollo, I have never heard Tian as a nn for Sebastian I love it!!. I haven't either but why not Tian , it is as good if not better than all the other

  • Forums: NN for Sebastien?

    works in well..Seb-asher- tian . Or just ditch Sebastian, and go with Asher

  • Forums: DH hates middle name I chose

    ] (related to Pike's Peak) Good luck! :-) the nickname for Sebastian could be Tian the same sound as Ryan. Hope your DH changes his

  • Forums: Nicknames for Sebastian?

    ' isn't too much of a stretch. Tian (T-un) Sebas Sebby Or, just wait until something comes to you. Buddy or Bubba might stick, or a happy baby might lead to Sunny[/name

  • Forums: Secret Name Heresies

    Christopher - looks to me like "Christ + gopher". Christian - THE ENDING! Argh...I really do not like that " tian /chyan" sound. Plus...Christian[/name

  • Forums: Spelling of Peregrine

    will be - tian , -wen and -grin.

  • Forums: Think we have final 2 - Theodore vs. Sebastian

    ! The current nn I'm obsessing over is Bash. Other nicknames could be Eben , Zeb (by), or Tian maybe? Honestly, I love

  • Forums: Nicknames for these?

    >, Tian , Nate , John , Jonny , Jonty Abilene

  • Forums: Help please

    ="/babyname/Bastian">Bastian , Bast, Tian , Ian , Sebby, Ash (a stretch), Baz , Set ,

  • Forums: Crazy but beautiful life! BNG

    /> b) Dalmatian Puppy tian -puppy.jpg

  • Forums: A New Possibility.... Thoughts

    /Chandler">Chandler , Chance Tian - Christian Ding - Dean ,

  • Forums: Finding a boy name similar to my girls names

    /> Zika- Hebrew name Tian Tair Yari Yali I'd like to throw out some different options, but still keep to the 4 letters you requested. Kira &

  • Forums: Naming help?

    Allifair - My current favourite. She'd be nicknamed Tian , most likely. Allifair is a name I recently found on this site and I fell in love with it instantly

  • Forums: Just not feeling *any* name

    ="/babyname/My">My boys are Seba$ tian , 0liver, and Elli0tt.. TIA !Hold on to Penelope until you meet your baby

  • Forums: Hippy Middle School Art Teaher!!!

    href="/babyname/Loritz">Loritz B: Oake Griffin G: Tian Eriksson G: Cinnamon Dream

  • Forums: My list...

    /Walter">Walter Simon Sebastian - Seb , Be, Tian , An, Bastian