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  • Name: Baby Name Quirt

    Add an s and you've got squirt .

  • Forums: Do you call your children by the name on their birth certificate?

    Adele gets called Squirt by my dad, Dele or Dele Bele and thats really it. My brother only gets called

  • Forums: To know or not know. That is the question

    with baby duckies that squirt water, grey chevron tablecloths, and yellow and orange tulips. The favors were little mason jars with yellow and white jelly beans and little ducky candies with ribbon and ducky

  • Forums: tavn's Name Bank BNG -- Part V

    ">KAYDENCE , who has the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on her face. RHYS puts his hands on her shoulders and says to her, “You ready for that game, Squirt ?” She giggles

  • Forums: tavn's Name Bank BNG -- Part V

    and says to her, “You ready for that game, Squirt ?” She giggles and runs downstairs and the guys follow behind her. As Will closes your door, he flashes you

  • Forums: Pet Berries!

    - 2.5 There's Squirt

  • Forums: Sharing my husband's best idea for our daughter...

    spray (water, a squirt of baby soap, a tiny bit of olive oil, and a tiny bit of witch hazel) and just spray it on the washcloths. I wanted to add a couple of things- we do disposables at night

  • Forums: What are your top ten most ANNOYING names?

    they are bad (with the exception of #1), just personal opinion: 10. Courtney - I have just never liked it. It sounds like Squirt , and I have never

  • Forums: 15 years of babies, life and love

    keeping it running), we open another one in Ohio! Y9: We buy five goldfish for the girls: Squirt , Comet ,