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  • Name: Baby Name Isis

    beyond Egypt into the Greco-Roman world. According to myth, the Nile river floods every year because of Isis's tears of sorrow for the death of Osiris. Isis first entered the U.S. Top 1000

  • User List: Nike Nike Jordan Fusion Shoes "" Beneficial Pair Of Shoes

    is loaded with sorrow . Around the other hand do not influence followers really acheter nike air jordan pas cher like them. As to myself, I've to work five days every

  • User List: Wild Word Names

    , Envy, Enmity, Fury, surly, vex, delirium, joviality, sorrow , ataraxia, frenzy, melancholy, avidity, parsimony, Apathy, endeavor, chimera, Trance

  • Forums: Sadie the Sadist

    the name alluring for a baby in the first place... Definitely not. It reminds me of a TV show. Yeah. Sadie makes me think of sadists. And sorrow

  • Forums: What do we think of Ellender?

    (without the R) means something along the lines of " sorrow , misfortune" in Dutch (my native language) so I have kind of a negative association towards it (although I don't think it's really

  • Forums: Potential for Namer's remorse?

    . But, I think that if you answered "yes" to the question above then the connection to Emma 's name will bring you more joy than sorrow . 4

  • Forums: Nameberry & the LGBTQ+ Community

    are directed to. I can understand sorrow and emotional and mental pain-your mind and body have trouble coping with whatever those emotions are directed to. But love is different. Because like

  • Forums: Harry Potter themed CAF - PART 3/3