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  • Forums: How to honor a Dolores?

    . Lola is a good nickname but sorrow meaning of Dolores means I'm pretty unlikely to use it. Any other suggestions? Delilah is out

  • Forums: "Language of Flowers" Names (Nephele's Anagrams)

    Yew: Sorrow . -- Nephele Thank you! LOVE Summer Coralena Wow, gotta go for this too, if you don't mind hon

  • Forums: How did you get your name?

    sorrow . In this he met the woman who would become his second wife, a Christian woman, and she helped to put him back together again and he came out on the other side of the great tragedy as a

  • Forums: Avielle ??

    always be remembered with great sorrow . I think using the name would be in a way honorable, but it also might be a reminder of pain and loss to certain people. I couldn't use it for that fact, I would

  • Forums: Pandora

    to truly understand joy, you must understand sorrow . Kahlil Gibran says it best: On Joy and Sorrow

  • Forums: Struggling to Make a Decision

    ] (which means sorrow ) for the vampire brother. Then I think of vampires as tragic, not the usual way vampires are treated these days. Sorry to post this here, but the 'Writer's Corner' isn't as

  • Forums: Saying hello and goodbye to Ivy Electra

    />I am so sorry about your baby girl! There aren't words to express such sorrow . I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to your baby girl, and I'm saying a prayer that God would bring you comfort

  • Forums: Words you like but are inappropriate for names? For ex: Malaria

    to virtue names. I've actually met a Vex and a Sorrow . Transcendence Resplendence Endeavor Chimera Luminescence Radiance

  • Forums: Words you like but are inappropriate for names? For ex: Malaria

    /> Habanera Some are too fanciful and some have negative meanings, they'd be what I'd call "vice names" as opposed to virtue names. I've actually met a Vex and a Sorrow .

  • Forums: Help arranging first names&middle names!

    character name. But maybe! Thanks! I don't really like the name Morrow, it reminds me of sorrow , but that's my opinion. Hey guys! I'm having a bebe girl, and I have names, but I can't

  • Forums: Wednesday?

    because it means day of WOE. As in SORROW and SADNESS. And since the Addam's Family loved DEATH and DEPRESSING things in general, they thought it would be a nice fit

  • Forums: We have a little....

    helping you cope with the sorrow . So happy you went with Valo. Valo Sebastian is an absolutely swoon-worthy name. :) I've got a neice named Valo[/name

  • Forums: Sophia or Vivienne?

    /> Rejoicing with you over the little life growing inside you, and sharing your sorrow over the two that were lost. My recommendation is ...

  • Forums: Please name our daughter!

    /Lola">Lola till I found it mean sorrow ). Although as long as it does not mean anything negative it is not a deal breaker! I am not concerned with middle names yet (I have a few in mind and

  • Forums: I read it in a book and loved it!

    - The Beach Jeremias - Memory, Sorrow and Thorn Lilleth - Memory, Sorrow and Thorn Fun thread! Had to bring it out again! Anne

  • Forums: Words you like but are inappropriate for names? For ex: Malaria

    Sorrow . Transcendence Resplendence Endeavor Chimera Luminescence Radiance Camaraderie Evanescence Providence

  • Forums: Leila, Ella and little sister ????

    Ella . But I don't know. Haha. Lola means sorrow but if you pair it with Charlotte or

  • Forums: "Morrow" for a girl? Possible nn Row

    It's too close to sorrow and marrow (as in bone) for me. Though I think it would work as a middle name. Elisabeth Morrow is better,

  • Forums: Is this name too unusual?

    make a lovely girl's name. I like Sparrow the way I really like the name Meadow and Willow, but I think it sounds too much like sorrow for me to fully get

  • Forums: Remington? Hampton?

    and the intense sorrow you've endured in a very short time span. Admiring Lola Charlotte 's name, and

  • Forums: Meaningful, quirky, short names for a protagonist of an as yet unwritten novel

    would go for it. For other options, these names mean sorrowful: Mirra (sea of sorrow ) Dolores - (she could go by

  • Forums: Pick apart my list! Brutal honesty needed.

    Aderyn - I like it Indigo - I like it Sosie - no Lola - like it, but means ' sorrow ' so

  • Forums: 'Old Soul' Names

    ">Daphne , (laurel) Deidre , ( sorrow ) Leah , (weary) Samara , (watchful) Talitha

  • Forums: Down to 3

    day" as an expression of regret, remorse, or sorrow .I like Max and Rue but it reminds me of the cartoon Max

  • Forums: Lola lalalala la lola......

    Dolores means Our Lady of Sorrows but it's not a yucky meaning. It doesn't mean that the child will be a lady of sorrow it is rather referencing

  • Forums: Lola lalalala la lola......

    . Not as a given name. I just think of Lolita Lola doesn't me sorrow , Dolores does.

  • Forums: Names for gods and goddesses?

    " href="/babyname/Cybele">Cybele God of love: Tristan /Allegro ( sorrow /joy)

  • Forums: Leila, Ella and little sister ????

    >. But I don't know. Haha. Lola means sorrow but if you pair it with Charlotte or Charlene which both mean

  • Forums: What's in a name? Does a name's meaning really affect a person's life?

    people have no prior association with. Personally, I find the story incredibly sad (seriously, Satan asks God if he can just heap sorrow upon sorrow on this standup guy, and God's all like "Yeah, go

  • Forums: What are some character names you loved from readings?

    unbearable sorrow , being eternally youthful (a child, that is). Anyhow, it’s so strong and lovely, that I’m able to look past the meaning of ‘lame’! Louis – Interview with the Vampire as well, it